June 20, 2021


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The government is also thinking of misdeeds behind the tick

Concerns are growing over online trafficking of women and children. The law-enforcement forces have started an investigation into the existence of the smuggling ring behind various online apps including TickTock, Likei and Facebook. However, not only the investigation, there is a strong demand to close or ban these apps from different stages. The top echelons of law enforcement have also demanded that the apps be banned. The two government ministers also expressed concern and said talks were underway.

Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan told Kaler Kanth, “The youth are being destroyed as these apps are easily available. What they are doing is making all the obscene and bizarre videos that are dragging many more people down the wrong path. A whole generation is coming to an end. Those who are ticking and liking are being monitored. The government is thinking about closing these apps.

Regarding the closure of these apps, Posts and Telecommunications Minister Mustafa Jabbar told Kaler Kantha, “We have learned about the matter. It has bad effects. The matter is of concern. The RAB chief is an officer of the law enforcement force. If they think it is necessary to stop ticking, then they will inform us in a letter and appropriate action will be taken. However, as far as I know, the government has not yet taken any decision in this regard. No instructions have been received from the Prime Minister yet. I will implement the decision that comes from him on behalf of my ministry.

Chowdhury Abdullah Al Mamun, director general of the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB), said it was time to ban controversial apps, including TickTock-Like. He was speaking as the chief guest at a debate contest on ‘misuse of social media to increase juvenile delinquency’ in the capital on Saturday. The RAB Director General said that the list of criminals for various crimes is being made centering on the use of various mobile apps including Tiktak-Like.

He said 82 per cent of the people who use the internet live through social media. Social media is also largely responsible for various crimes. Negative aspects should be avoided by adopting technology. There is no chance of committing any crime. Now no one can get away with the crime. Even after this, if anyone commits a crime, strict action will be taken. At this time, the crime will be reduced if everyone is in charge.

Talking about these issues, Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Commissioner Muha. Shafiqul Islam told Kaler Kantha, ‘There is no shortcut to becoming a star. A person deserves to be a star only if he works hard and excels. But it is seen that some criminal gangs are misleading the young women by talking about making them heroes and heroines. He is also smuggling. In this case, the young man or woman who is going on this road, he must also understand whether he is qualified or not. He also needs to understand why he is being offered. One may not be qualified to be a star, but he is going down in these things, being deceived down. That is why there is no alternative to awareness. He added that the people of the society, the media and the law enforcement agencies have a responsibility to prevent this.

He added, ‘We have a cyber crime team in the Dhaka Metropolitan Police. This team works under the leadership of a DC. This team is looking into the issues of teenage gangs and trafficking in women. The DMP has also recently exposed the issue of ticking and trafficking in women. He said, ‘CID has a team to look into cyber crime across the country. There is also a lab. We have formed a team at DMP to look into the issues of Dhaka Metropolitan. Our team is getting a lot of complaints. The situation is such that a separate unit has to be set up in DMP to see these.

Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (BTRC) Commissioner Subrata Roy Maitra said, “In this age of information technology, it is necessary to make everyone aware of the harmful aspects of an app rather than shutting it down. Efforts are being made to make parents aware of the safe use of the Internet. Parental guidelines are being given. Parents need to take responsibility for warning their children. Everything has its pros and cons. Parents have to take the responsibility to keep an eye on whether the children are taking poison or nectar.

He added that it is the responsibility of law enforcement agencies to identify and bring to justice those involved in other heinous crimes, including trafficking in women, through these apps. Digital security laws can be used to prevent these crimes.