July 29, 2021


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Rafid, a friend of the injured Chile

Nazira Bazaar in Old Dhaka. As soon as I stood in front of the three-storey door of the seven-storey house, Moyna’s voice came to my ears, ‘Are you all right? Is there anyone at home? Mom! ‘ Rafid smiled and said, “We have the bird here for an era. I call him ‘Moyna’. He also calls me ‘Moyna’. ” Go up the stairs from the third floor to the roof of the seventh floor. Five dogs started barking when they saw us. Rafid put his hand on one’s head and said, ‘Smoky, no.’ The dogs calmed down like a sensible boy. Cats, rabbits, pigeons and roosters in different cages in the attic of the roof. A large cage is surrounded by a net about seven feet high and wide. There are four kites in the cage. One’s wing is broken. Another has no fur on one wing. It was understood that they were injured. Rafid opened the door and extended his left hand inside the cage. Called, ‘Come this scar.’ A kite first came up in Rafi’s left hand. Later from hand to neck!

Rafid is a BBA student of ULAB. He used to love animals since his childhood. Earlier, his father used to keep cows on the roof. At one point it stopped. He said, ‘My mother’s hobby was gardening on the roof. But I started to turn pigeons, rabbits, etc. ‘

The dog could not stand

Went to Kantaban Market once seven years ago. Rafid was very impressed to see a dog there. The smoky dog ​​had no fur. The hind legs could not even stand as paralyzed. He returned home with Smoky. As a result of Rafi’s care, the dog slowly got up. Can run now. From then on, when dogs and cats got sick, people would inform Rafid. He would heal them with absolute compassion. He used to share them on Facebook. In this way he made connection with people.

Then came the eagle

The eagle got it from a friend. The eagle bit the finger of that friend’s uncle when he went to give food as a hobby. But at the mercy of Rafi, the eagle of a fierce nature gradually calmed down. One day he came and sat in the hands of Rafi. Rafid said, ‘There was a prisoner in a small cage at a friend’s house. The eagle became so fierce that it could not move very much. In fact, they also want love. If you give food and time, it means pets. ‘ Later he left the eagle with Narayanganj.

Let’s go

That’s when the lockdown started last year. In old Dhaka a man kept a kite. But he wanted to sell the kite because he was injured by electric shock. When the news reached Rafi’s ears, he bought it for two and a half thousand rupees. The kite did not have wings and tail feathers. The throat was sore. Couldn’t eat properly. The Rafids already had an idea about birds because they kept pigeons. Apart from that, Eagle has seen many related videos on YouTube during his escape. He gradually healed the kite by using those experiences. Left a few days ago. Rafid said, ‘Chile is a common problem injured by electric shock. They are injured mainly because of people. Many people get pigeons. When the kite is hungry, it often attacks the pigeon. Naturally then the owners of the pigeons hit the chicks. I try to heal them as much as possible with services and treatment.

Show fear before leaving

Earlier, Rafid had to go to different places and bring the kite. Now many bring it themselves. A few months ago, he brought one from a field near Mawaghat. The eagle that was brought to Adhamara is now much healthier. Rafid has cured 10 kites so far. He left six at the Dhaka University campus. When he is completely healthy, he will give up the other four. Chills have to give a lot of time to heal. As a result, they believed in Rafid. But before leaving, he threatened them. ‘People say the kite bites the eye. But they come to me, sitting on my shoulder. I break the trust before I leave thinking of their good. I want them to fly in the open sky. After leaving, they should not be dependent on anyone.

They come at 5 in the afternoon

One afternoon while giving food, he saw a few crows sitting on the railing. He threw some food. The next day the number of crows increased. Seeing this gathering of crows, Chill also came once. Now every day between 4:30 pm and 5:00 pm more than a hundred kites come to the roof of Rafi. He said, ‘First a kite will come and sit on the roof railing of the next house. Later one by one the others will come. Will be watching when I give food. When they started giving food, they flew on the roof. When the evening draws near, he goes back to his home. ‘

What do they eat?

Swallow, liver, skin, bones, meat — all these are eaten by kites. Rafid said, ‘In the beginning I didn’t want to eat bones. I taught. Because if they don’t get meat after giving up, they can eat bones and live. ‘ In addition to bones and meat, the diet of dogs, cats and rabbits includes eggs, papaya, spinach, pumpkin, pumpkin, etc. If you bring five kg of meat, it takes three days. There are bones with it. It costs about five thousand rupees a month. He used to do tuition before. He also taught in coaching. Expenses would be provided from there. After Corona it is off. Now the family gives support.

Mother’s pride is broken

Rafi’s mother Rubina Haque did not go to the roof of the house for seven long days out of pride. He smiled and said, ‘I wanted to garden on the roof. But the boy is now also serving Chile. People are applauding. Now I am by his side too. ‘

Routine has changed

Rafidi cleans the faeces of the animals on the roof. Bathe them. Give food according to the rules. Spend time with them. Now his routine has changed for Chile. He used to hang out before. No matter where you are now, I want to return home by 4 pm. He said, ‘Even if I go somewhere, I try to return within 4 o’clock. Because they have to be fed. ‘ These are Rafi’s meditations now. He said, ‘People know me because of them. In the afternoon, when the chicks are fed, people also see them from the surrounding roofs. The children clapped. Tell me, what more do you want in your life? ‘