June 20, 2021


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Arrest of youths living in flats as brothers and sisters

Police have arrested three people, including two youths, living in a flat in the identity of brothers and sisters in the mysterious death of a young man named Nazim Ahmed Rabid in Sylhet. The arrested persons are Shahnia Begum (30), her alleged brother Akbar (28) and Yamin (24).

Sylhet Metropolitan Police spokesman Additional Deputy Commissioner ABM Ashrafullah Taher said on Tuesday that three people had been arrested after a murder case was filed in connection with Nazim’s death.

Earlier, Alauddin Anwar, the uncle of the deceased, had filed a murder case with the Kotwali police station on Monday night accusing Shahnia Begum, Akbar and Yamin of killing Rabid.

Rabid rented the B / 5 flat on the fifth floor of a five-storey house called Chowdhury Villa in Kazitula, Sylhet with his cousin Shahnia Begum and her brother Akbar. He often spent the night there.

After the death, the police recovered various drugs and equipment from Nazim’s living room. Police confirmed that the boy and girl with whom Nazim lived were not his cousins.

Nazim died at 10:30 am on Monday. People in his flat claimed that he fell from the fifth floor and died. But the family says it was a murder.