June 20, 2021


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Gandhi’s great-granddaughter jailed for forgery in South Africa

Recently, the day of Mahatma Gandhi’s first Satyagraha has passed. That movement on South African soil showed him the way to the Indian independence movement. And in that South Africa, the name of Gandhi’s granddaughter’s daughter has been accused of cheating.

What else can be said but the shame of India. Ashisalata Ramgobin, daughter of Mahatma Gandhi’s granddaughter, has been charged with cheating. 

A total of 8 lakh 31 thousand 360 dollars worth of fraud has been filed against him. Two South African industrialists have made the allegations against him. 

Gandhi’s granddaughter’s daughter has also been found guilty. Therefore, the court has ordered imprisonment. The 56-year-old woman will have to spend seven years in jail for cheating and forgery. 

The Durban court handed down the verdict. The fact is that he has been imprisoned many times in South Africa. He was imprisoned for fighting racism and various laws in India. 

He is the father of the Indian nation. Honesty, cleanliness, one of the symbols of peace. And her granddaughter’s daughter is wearing the badge of cheating at the end. Allegedly, he cheated two industrialists. They allege fraud of 8,31,370 against Ashisalata.

This news was matched through the search agency ‘Hawks’. The South African fraud agency Hawks. Its chief officer, Brigadier Hangwani Mulaudji, said several fake receipts and documents had been recovered from the custody of Gandhi’s descendants. Three container loaded sheets were recovered.

There are allegations that the Mahatma’s great-granddaughter proved her credibility by showing those fake documents and receipts to two South African industrialists and investors. But later it was learned that no goods were exported.

Mulaudji of Hangwani further claimed that he was in business by showing fake documents. What was that business? It is learned that Ashisalata Ramgobin had procured a bed for the private hospital group ‘Netcare’. Where did he get that bed? It is learned that he imported beds loaded with containers from India.

There are more allegations against Ashisalta. He is accused of taking Rs 62 lakh from another South African industrialist named SR Maharaj. He promised the Maharaja that he would pay a large interest on the money invested. 

He also said that the money will be spent to meet various duties. It is alleged that Gandhi’s granddaughter collected Rs 52 lakh in advance from another investor in the same manner.

He is known to be the son of renowned human rights activist Ila Gandhi and Mewa Ramgobin. They played a key role in rescuing the historic Phoenix Treaty during Gandhi’s stay in South Africa.

Source: Kolkata Twenty Four.