June 18, 2021


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TickTock-YouTube video trap is going on

Harassment through the internet is on the rise. In comparison, women are becoming more victims of cyber crime. Financial institutions starting from the individual level. No one is immune from cyber attacks. The number of victims of such crimes is increasing due to not knowing the proper use of information technology, lack of proper enforcement of the law and not knowing about this law. There is a terrible shadow of cyber fraud in all walks of life.

Victims say that while the digital world is being swept away by the tide of modernity, the ultimate curse is coming down on the lives of some people in response to it. As much as Bangladesh is stepping foot in the digital world, one or the other is the victim of family, social and financial loss due to new scams. On the other hand, despite the news of so much blackmailing around, the common people are not being alert enough.

It is known that after making love for a long time, the lover becomes a cheater. Betrays after robbing respect. At one stage, the boyfriend started blackmailing. It spreads everywhere by uploading offensive pictures or nude videos on social media including Facebook and YouTube. In the face of social media propaganda, the victimized teenagers, young women or women have become prisoners in their own homes. Life became unbearable in the painful prison with the misery of the four walls. Study stops, job goes. Relatives, friends do not have the slightest contact with anyone. Even after their family members turn away in hatred, many are still alive. At the root of everything is the aggressive grip of net fraud. From her paws to the teenage schoolgirl to the housewife, no one seems to be spared.

According to the source, Nargis (pseudonym) is an eighth grade student from a very rich family in Jirabo area of ​​Ashulia. Thanks to taking online classes, he developed a close relationship with Tushar Mehdi of the same class in the next neighborhood. One day, in the name of group study, Tushar took Nargis to the house of one of her cousins. After half an hour of study, at one point they became involved in intimacy. Tushar’s elder brother Siddique, a college student, videotaped the scene. Another day Siddique secretly showed the recorded video to Nargis seeking immoral advantage. Otherwise, show fear of spreading this video on Facebook. By capitalizing on that video, Nargis continues to be blackmailed. Nargis had to be hospitalized at one stage due to group torture. Even after that the last was not saved. A few minutes of video was uploaded to Facebook. Instantly spread to schools, colleges, village houses. Since then, Nargis has stopped going to school. Relatives, He has been hiding from his friends for more than a year and a half. Earlier, he used to talk to his mother. It has been closed for two months. Now he is mentally ill. His elder brother said that his elder sister studying in varsity is also not getting married because of this video. After finalizing the date of the wedding, the couple no longer communicates. Now all the laughter and joy of the whole house is off.

Law enforcement officials said that in the name of Tiktak and YouTube videos, the most cheating with girls is happening in Dhaka by talking about acting in short films. The situation has not changed at all, despite all the anti-net fraud propaganda and one newspaper report after another. Rather, for unknown reasons, video shooting activities have become commercial. The method of finding models or artists through various dance clubs and cultural organizations has now been abolished, now the supply of models is matched through online chatting. Demand-based models are provided for any type of performance in the short film, the activities also run online. In the last one week, at least 11 teams from two establishments in Baridhara J block have visited various shooting spots in Bhawal, Gazipur, Sajek Valley and two places in Rangamati. Each team also has the involvement of 15-16 models. Inform the relevant source,

This is like a movie screenplay! : Brokers collect teenagers from far-flung villages in various ways including jobs, temptation of marriage, trapping of love. They were first taken to dance clubs with the temptation to make models. They were later accused of supplying sex products to various guesthouses and residential hotels. If a girl does not agree to have sex, she is kept in a controlled room and her eating and drinking is stopped. Then came the cruelty of physical torture.

The stories of the techniques used to turn some teenagers into sex workers during the search also seem to outweigh the screenplay of the film. More brutality is inflicted on girls who refuse to be sex workers even after being caught. A few members of the dance party arrangers carried out a ‘gang rape’ on her. Videos of these scenes were captured in full nude. The video shows him threatening and intimidating to spread on the internet.

Once you enter the parlor cum massage center, which is run amid tight security, there is no way out safely. Even after losing everything, they get lost thinking about more dangerous situations in the future. Since then, the teenagers have been held hostage by the violent people of the gang.