June 18, 2021


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560 model mosques across the country

At the upazila level, men as well as women will be able to perform prayers in the mosque from now on. The government is constructing a total of 560 model mosques in all districts and upazilas of the country. These mosques have special facilities for the disabled along with the facilities for men and women to perform their prayers. The Ministry of Religion expects these mosques to be developed as centers of multifaceted work, including libraries, research, training and da’wah activities, which will serve as a chain of Islamic cultural centers from Mofasbal to Dhaka. The initiative of the model mosque taken by the Prime Minister is now getting a real basis. The construction of 50 mosques on the occasion of Mujib Year is in the final stage. Tomorrow, on Thursday, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will inaugurate virtually 50 mosques in different parts of the country from Dhaka.

According to the people involved in the project, no other country in the world has built so many high quality mosques at the same time. These establishments are being constructed under the project titled ‘Establishment of 560 Model Mosques and Islamic Cultural Centers (First Amendment) in each district and upazila’. The Islamic Foundation is implementing this important project initiated by the Ministry of Religion at full government cost. The Department of Public Works is involved in the construction work. When all the mosques are built, four

One lakh 40 thousand 440 men and 31 thousand 400 women will get the opportunity to perform prayers together. In the libraries of these mosques, 34,000 readers will be able to read books. Six thousand six hundred people will get the opportunity to study together. There will be daily daily da’wah activities for 56,000 devotees, reading of Hefz for 14,000 students every year, pre-primary education for 16,600 students and accommodation for 2,240 guests. Apart from this, every mosque will have a bathing system for those who want to go for Hajj.

Director General of the Islamic Foundation on the project. Mushfiqur Rahman told Kaler Kantha, “Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman established the Islamic Foundation soon after independence. The work of setting up a model mosque on the initiative of his worthy daughter will be a unique example in history. He further said, “Local administrations including the Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of Public Administration, Ministry of Public Works and Department of Public Works are working sincerely in this project. I hope that if all the model mosques are launched, the positive impact of Islamic cultural centers will be felt all over the country.

The DPP states that the Model Mosque project has been undertaken for the purpose of institutionalizing public awareness activities on policy making in the development process of the government. The government hopes to eradicate terrorist activities and prevent violence against women. Apart from this, opportunities are being created for the worshipers to conduct prayers, religious education, training and religious activities. These mosques will also be used for the expansion of Islamic knowledge and culture through the creation of physical infrastructural facilities. In this way, the government hopes to maintain and spread the values ​​in the society. According to the information given in the project proposal, a total of 18 lakh 90 thousand 36 square meters of space will be created in all the mosques. Of these, 8 model mosques of ‘A’ type have an area of ​​one lakh 46 thousand 574 square meters, 48 ​​of ‘B’ type have an area of ​​16 lakh 48 thousand 428 square meters and 16 of ‘C’ type have an area of ​​61 thousand 25 square meters.

Facilities for the disabled: Special facilities for the disabled are also being kept on the ground floor of these mosques which are going to be constructed across the country. If someone brings a wheelchair, they will be able to get up on the ramp and offer prayers at the place designated for the disabled. Special arrangements have also been made for the disabled. Najibur Rahman, director of the Model Mosque project, told Kaler Kanth, “The project has made the project special for men and women as well as the disabled. It can be said to be a model project for the beneficiaries of all walks of life.

Where and how mosques: Under this project, four-storey mosques and Islamic cultural centers are being set up in 64 district headquarters and five city corporations, three-storey mosques and Islamic cultural centers in 465 upazila headquarters. Of these, these model mosques in 16 coastal upazilas have four floors. The ground floor of which will be empty.

50 Model Mosques: Of the first 50 mosques to be inaugurated on Thursday, 11 are in Rangpur Division. They are Biral and Khansama in Dinajpur, Patgram in Lalmonirhat, Sadar and Debiganj in Panchagarh, District Sadar in Rangpur, Mithapukur, Pirganj and Badarganj and Haripur in Thakurgaon. The nine upazilas of Dhaka division are Savar in Dhaka, Madhukhali in Faridpur, Pakundia and Kuliarchar in Kishoreganj, Shibalaya in Manikganj, Sadar in Rajbari, Shariatpur Sadar and Gosairhat. Among the 10 upazilas of Rajshahi division are Sherpur, Sariakandi and Kahalu of Bogra, Sapahar and Porsha of Naogaon, Chatmohar of Pabna, District Sadar and Sadar upazilas of Sirajganj, Paba and Godagari of Rajshahi. Islampur and Sadar upazilas of Jamalpur, Gafargaon and Tarakanda of Mymensingh are among the four divisions of Mymensingh division. Sadar of Bhola and Rajapur of Jhalokati are among the two divisions of Barisal. Out of 10 in Chittagong division, Vijaynagar and Nabinagar of Brahmanbaria, Kachua of Chandpur, District headquarters of Chittagong, Mirsarai and Sandeep of Lohagara, Daudkandi of Comilla, Panchhari of Khagrachhari and Subarnachar of Noakhali. Chuadanga, Khulna District Sadar and Kushtia Sadar Upazila are among the three in Khulna Division. The model mosque of South Surma in Sylhet is on the list of inaugurations in Sylhet division.