June 18, 2021


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336 families have started dreaming of happiness in colorful houses

The dream was to build a house instead of a broken one. Mahmuda Akhter (26) will live happily in that house with her husband and children. That is why she has been fighting with her husband for almost a decade after marriage. But his dream remained elusive in a world of scarcity. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has fulfilled Mahmudar’s dream of a pucca house. Now his place is in a colorful house.

Mahmudar Akter’s house in West Boragari village of Boragari union in Domar upazila of Nilphamari. Sheikh Farid (32), a landless husband, used to earn a living as a tailor. Mahmudar’s family with two children, father-in-law and mother-in-law.

Mahmuda is happy to get the gift house of the Prime Minister. Although the house was not officially handed over, he started living in that shiny colorful house as the construction work was completed. Erasing the frustration of his own failure to fulfill his dream, now there is a smile on his face. He is busy decorating the house. The scene that was seen on the spot last Monday. At that time Mahmuda Akhter said, ‘We live on other people’s land. Numerous leaks in the rice of that house. I could not sleep at night if it rained. I have started sewing along with my husband to pull the grindstone of the world. With this I dreamed of building a house by acquiring land. But after 12 years of marriage, it was not possible. Now, with the kindness of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, my dream has come true. I pray to God for him. As long as he lives for the welfare of the people, let him be in harm. ‘

Not only Mahmudai, like him, the landless Sohel Rana (50) and Majeda Begum (40) of Madhya Panga village in Panga Matukpur Union of the upazila got the gift house of the Prime Minister. Sohail Rana earns his living by driving rickshaws. They lived with two sons and one daughter on another’s land. Receiving the gift house of the Prime Minister, Majeda Begum said, ‘I got married 23 years ago. Hala has his own house. At the mercy of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, I have my own house.

Landless Abdul Matin (30) and Habiba Begum (32) of Melapanga village of the same union got a house like theirs. 300 families from 10 unions of the upazila including Begum Bewa (50) of West Boragari Chairman Para village of Boragari Union. Of these, 200 houses are awaiting formal handover. After getting the colorful house as a gift from the Prime Minister, now they have all started dreaming of colorful happiness.

According to sources, 36 houses were constructed in the first phase in Domar upazila under the Asrayan-2 project for housing landless and homeless families. On January 23, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina formally handed over the 36 houses to the beneficiaries through video conferencing. Out of 300 houses allotted under the same project, construction work of 200 houses has been completed and paint work is underway. These houses are to be handed over on the 20th of this month. Work is underway to distribute the remaining 100 houses.

Upazila Relief Office Deputy Assistant Engineer. Mohaimenul Islam said, ‘For the construction of 36 houses in the first phase, an allocation of Tk 1,061,000 is available for each house. The allocation for each of the 300 houses in the second phase was found to be one lakh 79 thousand rupees. The work of painting including construction of 200 houses is nearing completion.

Domar Upazila Nirbahi Officer Shahina Shabnam said, “Under the Asrayan-2 project, if any donor writes two percent land in the name of the government for the landless and homeless, we are building houses and making arrangements for them to live there. Thus, 300 families are being provided houses in the upazila. Land donors are responding to this work. The work is being done perfectly with the cooperation of the people’s representatives and the people of the area. With the cooperation of all, only suitable people are getting the gift house of the Prime Minister.

He said the total amount of khas land in the upazila is 904 acres. Of this, 75 acres of land has been settled among the landless. The remaining 29 acres of land is 8 to 10 feet low and houses are not being built.