June 18, 2021


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40 groups of Tiktak-Like Syndicate have been identified and a crackdown is coming

The law enforcement is listing the likes and tickers involved in making pornographic videos. In the meantime, at least 40 groups have been found making pornographic videos. Children are going astray after watching these videos. In this situation, the police and the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) have taken to the field to identify the tick and liqueur makers and the actors on these platforms. The law and order forces are also talking about launching a crackdown on those who have already been found.

Tick-tock-like content is being created by the youngsters with scenes of obscene and bizarre poses. These are being promoted later using the app. It has been found that it is very popular in Bangladesh as there is an opportunity to run TickTock-Like app and upload videos even on low speed internet. Due to this, their users are increasing outside Dhaka and even in the villages.

RAB Director General Chowdhury Abdullah Al Mamun said it was time to ban controversial apps, including TickTock-Like. It has been found that each group has an admin to create these likes and ticks. There are 10 to 15 young people working in each group of that admin. So far 40 groups have been found. And more than five hundred young people are involved in it.

Additional Secretary in charge of the Political and ICT Department of the Ministry of Home Affairs. Jahangir Alam told Kaler Kantha, “Law and order forces are working on ticking. The Ministry of ICT will close the TickTock app. However, no instructions were given by our ministry to stop it. No decision has been taken in this regard. Work is underway to bring those identified from social media under the law.

However, Home Ministry sources said that the crime is being monitored through social media like Liki, TickTock, Emo, MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Streamcar, HiFive, Badu etc. An official said that criminals like Tiktak Hridoy, Apu, Sajib, Nayan Bond, Sujan Fighter are being created using the Tiktak app. These gangs of teenagers are involved in major crimes ranging from sexual harassment, sexual harassment, extortion, robbery to murder. Cyber ​​surveillance is being carried out to curb these online gang cultures. In some countries of the world, apps like TickTock-Like have been shut down and initiatives are being taken to do so, they are being reviewed. There is a meeting at the home ministry next week on the matter. These issues will be discussed in that meeting.

Tiktak Hriday, who was arrested in India, is the admin of a group, police officials said. Towards the end of last year, 700 to 800 young people took part in a pool party at a resort in Gazipur through that group. The youngsters get acquainted with each other and basically join a Facebook group to make tick-tock videos. Then they also smuggled them to India. Recently, a young woman was released from captivity in India and returned to the country and filed a case with Hatirjheel police station. So far five people have been arrested in that case.

Mohammad Shahidullah, deputy commissioner of the Tejgaon division, the supervising officer of the case, told Kaler Kantha on Monday, It’s time to dump her and move on. We are looking for those who are running these. We have already arrested five people in the investigation.

Khandaker Al Moin, head of the RAB’s legal and media wing, said, “All battalions in the country have been instructed to take information about those who are making pornographic videos in the name of tick-tock.” Those involved are being listed. He called on the people to cooperate with the information. The names and identities of the informants will be kept secret.

How Tiktak is made: Tiktak Apu (Yassin Arafat Apu) was making a video to make Tiktak by blocking the road with some friends in Uttara, Dhaka on August 2 last year. Someone’s car got stuck there. Later, Apur had a fight with him. Apu was arrested in a case filed by the driver at Uttara East police station. In that tickling video made by him, Apu is seen shaking his colorful hair and saying – ‘Just remember the name, Apu bye ….’ He gave another smile. This is how tick items are created through short videos. 

A video of a Bangladeshi girl being tortured has recently gone viral in Kerala, India. After the arrest of the youths in the video, it was learned that the perpetrator was Hridaya. He is known as the ‘tickling heart’. After his arrest, the app called Tiktak came up for discussion anew. The number of users of these two apps is increasing in the country. And most of the users are teenagers or young people.

It has been found that the number of Laiki and Tiktak groups is higher in the capital Dhaka, Gazipur and Narayanganj. Recently, it has spread to remote rural areas. In Gazipur, a group of young women are hired to make tick-tock. They regularly work on these pornographic videos. They charge from one to two thousand rupees for each content. Rohan Alam, one of the video makers of Tiktak, told Kaler Kanth, “There are separate groups of young women to make Tiktak-Laiki. They can be made to act with a little money.

What kind of app: According to IT experts, the TickTock app made in China is mainly used for smartphones. And Laiki is made by Bigo Technology of Singapore. The TickTock app was created in 2016. And Laiki was made in 2016. These apps are used more by young boys and girls as they are easy to use on smartphones. 41 percent of TickTock users are between 18 and 24 years old. The TickTock app runs in 155 countries in 40 languages ​​around the world. The app has been banned in India and Pakistan, a RAB official said. Currently, the number of active users in the world is more than 600 million. Tickets can currently be given two to two and a half minutes of video. However, in the beginning, 5, 10 and 15 second videos could be given.

Currently, there are 11 crore active users of Laiki every month. Earlier its name was Like. Later the name was changed to Laiki. Like last year, Liki had an income of more than 80 million dollars. It is known that their main income comes from advertising.

Two arrested in Satkhira: Two more members of Tiktakchakra have been arrested in connection with the trafficking of a tortured girl in India. Amirul Islam and Abdus Salam Mollah were arrested from the border area of ​​Satkhira yesterday. Deputy Commissioner of DMP Tejgaon. Shahidullah has confirmed this information.