June 20, 2021


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Four people were hit by a card

A blow to the head! New bad news has come to the Bangladesh team before the grief of the India match is over. Four footballers from the previous match will not be able to play the last match due to injury and card. It will be difficult for Jamie Day to pick the best XI against strong Oman on June 15.

Of the four players who played in the last match against India, three got yellow cards – Jamal Bhuiyan, Bipolu Ahmed and Rahmat Mia. Iqbal Hossain, the manager of the Bangladesh team from Doha, said, ‘These three have got two yellow cards each. So they will not be able to play in the next match. Johnny (Mashuk Mia) in the last matchInjured. After getting MRI, the doctor gave him two weeks rest. So we will not get four regular XI in Oman match. Others are still healthy. In other words, four footballers including Mashuk will not be able to play against strong Oman. With the exception of three goalkeepers, 10 of the remaining 16 will have to be selected for the Oman match. The task became difficult for the national team coach. ‘From the beginning, the condition of the team was bad due to injury and ban. We have lost 9 footballers. Luckily I played some new footballers in Nepal (three nation football). They have practiced with the team and also know the style of play ‘, said Jamie Day.

The team has been injured since the start of the practice camp for the last three matches of the World Cup qualifiers. At that time, Abahani striker Nabib Newaz returned to the country from India after undergoing leg surgery. Bashundhara Kings defender Bishwanath Ghosh has been ruled out due to injury. Another Abahani forward Saad Uddin and goalkeeper Ashraful Islam Rana have dropped out of the camp. Before the last match, four more footballers were dropped due to injury and card suspension. In this situation, it is difficult to pick the best XI against Oman, but Jamie thinks, ‘I’m not thinking about the scoreline. The players have to play their best according to the strategy.

Meanwhile, the footballers have not yet recovered from the grief of the India match. The last 10 minutes of regret have become bigger than everyone else. Why couldn’t the ‘maintenance table’ be fixed at that time. Then Bangladesh could have left the field with at least 1 point. But Tapu Barman says helplessly, ‘If a wave of attacks like this strikes, it will be a mistake to defend. Our problem is that we have not been able to keep the ball on our feet for a long time. In the middle, they keep the ball on their feet and play for a while, but the pressure on the defense is reduced. Because that did not happen, India got more chances to attack.

Due to the lack of creative footballers, the midfield game is not played, the number of defensive footballers is more in the team. They don’t know how to play offensive football without it. So the pressure on the defense is high and in the last 10 minutes the defense has lost its focus. Bangladesh digested the first goal as Sunil Chhetri was not marked properly. The next goal of this Indian striker is also a reminder of Bangladesh’s defensive weakness.

The big challenge for Bangladesh is to maintain a defensive unity with the card and injury team against Oman.