June 20, 2021


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Such an aesthetic development is possible only for Sheikh Hasina

It’s like being shocked. Solaiman Ali, who returned to the country from Dubai after 9 years, was also shocked. He could not recognize his own village. Bar asked a few people in the car, ‘Where are we going?’ Repeatedly saying, ‘Is this our broken!’

Solaiman Ali’s house is in Hasamdia village near Bhanga upazila headquarters of Faridpur. When he moved to Dubai in 2013, his familiar broken headquarters was just one of four intersections. Going a little further back, before Sheikh Hasina came to power in 2008, only one bus stop was broken. The Dhaka-Khulna highway has not been built yet. After winning the 2008 elections and forming a government under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina, the construction of the highway began. Then the importance of breaking also increases.

Now people come from far and wide to see the four corners of Bhangra. Surprised, amazed to see the eye-catching aesthetic view of the flying road. Many drivers of vehicles lost their food, turned around and came back to the right path.

Talking about the turn of the broken road, the former vice chairman of the Upazila Parishad Enamul Haque was saying to Apu Kaler Kantha, ‘Brother, don’t say, he is a great sacrifice. What will I explain to the people what Bangabandhu Kanya showed to the people. I can only say, Sheikh Hasina can, Sheikh Hasina can. ‘

Coming to Bhanga Sadar, Kumar river is divided into two branches. One branch goes south to Gopalganj, the other to the east in the Arialkhan river. Bhanga upazila town, built on three banks of the divided Kumar river, is now the gateway to 21 districts in the south-west. Through this entrance you can go west through Gopalganj to Khulna-Benapole. Madaripur in the south, Barisal through Patuakhali beach Kuakata, Faridpur city in the north in the western districts. Dhaka is less than half an hour after crossing the Padma Bridge via Madaripur. The distance of the country’s first expressway from Jurain in Dhaka to Bhanga in Faridpur is 55 km. It is part of Corridor 1 of the Asian Highway. Dhaka rail link is being established with Benapole, Mongla and Payra.

Road communication work started in 2016. The work of the project is being funded by the Bangladesh Roads Department. The construction work is being supervised by the 24 Construction Brigade of the Bangladesh Army. The Bhanga junction with the Dhaka-Bhanga Expressway was also opened to traffic on April 6, 2020. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the traffic from Ganobhaban.

No matter where you go north-south, east-west, there is no need to get stuck in traffic. No need to press the brakes of the car. Four underpasses, a flyover and four lanes have been constructed at the four-lane intersection of Bhangra. The car will run in each lane. If someone makes a mistake in the lane, he has to turn 10 kilometers again in the correct lane. However, there are also suitable lane indicators. The distance from Jurain in Dhaka to the northern end of the Padma Bridge in Mawa is 35 km and the distance from the southern end of the Padma Bridge to Bhanga is 20 km. If the Padma bridge is opened, it will take 42 minutes to go from Dhaka to Bhanga.

According to the Roads Department, the construction of the Dhaka-Bhanga Expressway cost Tk 6,792.28 crore.

Abdul Wadud Mia, a freedom fighter from Bhangar, told Kaler Kanth, ‘Sheikh Hasina is a gift of God for the neglected people of the south-west, our lives and communication are changing with the touch of her hand. Now people come from different districts to see the spectacular development of flyovers, underpasses in the neglected ruins. When the Padma bridge is opened again, the railway communication will start after it is broken. Sheikh Hasina seems to have the magic of development in her hands.

Bhanga Upazila Parishad Chairman SM Habibur Rahman told Kaler Kantha, “First of all, I express my gratitude to Sheikh Hasina, daughter of Bangabandhu, on behalf of the people of the region. He gifted us a Padma bridge, the country’s first expressway, a broken aesthetic underpass and a flyover. With the launch of the Padma Bridge, the people of the country will be able to reach Mongla, Payra seaport and Benapole land port in the fastest time. This is possible only for Sheikh Hasina.