June 20, 2021


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‘Totka’ to reduce distance by calling Dhaka

The Trinamool Awami League is fighting a cold war with its leaders. In particular, the dispute between several Awami League MPs and local Awami League presidents and general secretaries is quite visible. In some areas, one leader has become another leader’s eye sore. As a result, the ruling party is losing its organizational momentum. The central leaders of the Awami League have already taken initiative to resolve the dispute between the leaders and the MP. Efforts are also being made to resolve the issue by convening a meeting of the concerned leaders in Dhaka. Various ‘totkas’ of monomalinya bhola are being given.

It is learned that a meeting has been held with the leaders and members of parliament of different districts of Chittagong division in the last one week. Last Tuesday, three separate meetings were held at the political office of Awami League President Sheikh Hasina in Dhanmondi with the presidents, general secretaries and members of parliament of the three parliamentary constituencies in Chittagong. Meetings were held with Satkania and Lohagarh Upazilas in the morning, Patia Upazila at 3pm, Anwara and Karnafuli Upazila Awami League presidents, general secretaries and local MPs around 4pm. Mahbubul Alam Hanif, joint general secretary of Awami League in charge of Chittagong division presided over the meeting. Awami League Organizing Secretary in charge of Chittagong Division Abu Saeed Al Mahmud Swapan, Awami League Office Secretary Biplob Barua, Deputy Publicity and Publication Secretary Aminul Islam Amin and others were present.

According to sources, the presidents and general secretaries of Satkania and Lohagarh Upazila Awami League and several central leaders expressed their anger against local MP Abu Reza Muhammad Nezamuddin Nadvir at the meeting. They said local Awami League leaders were not invited to any development work of the government or any function of the Member of Parliament. MPs carry their own people like themselves.

In response to these allegations, the accused MP Nadvi said, ‘I am not invited to any Awami League event. I am not invited to any program of the party.

After listening to the views of both the parties, the central leaders coordinated them together and instructed them to carry out the program. The MPs and leaders present promised to coordinate and carry out all the programs in the future. And if there is any problem with the program, it is immediately instructed to discuss with the leaders in charge of the center.

According to sources, meetings are being held with the MPs of different districts and upazilas of Chittagong division to resolve the conflicts of the local Awami League. On June 2, a meeting was held with the MPs of Chittagong North and South districts and Chittagong metropolis. Last Sunday, the central leaders in charge of the Awami League held a meeting with the MPs of Brahmanbaria district. Last Monday, a meeting was held with the MPs of the three hill districts and Cox’s Bazar. All three meetings were held at the office of National Assembly Whip Abu Saeed Al Mahmoud. Meanwhile, Awami League president Sheikh Hasina’s political office in Dhanmondi held a meeting with Awami League leaders and MPs from Chittagong’s Banshkhali, Chandnaish and Boalkhali upazilas on Wednesday afternoon. In that meeting also the leaders got involved in contradictory statements.

According to the sources, the central policy makers have taken initiative to reshuffle the Brahmanbaria Awami League. An extended meeting of the district Awami League has been called on July 4.

Extended meetings and conferences will be organized in different districts to strengthen the party by resolving disputes in the organization. Comilla North District Awami League will hold an extended meeting on June 24. The central leaders will visit Chittagong on June 19, 20 and 21 and hold meetings with leaders of different levels of the metropolitan Awami League.

When asked, Awami League organizing secretary Abu Saeed Al Mahmud Swapan said, ‘We are working to organize. All the wards and unions of Chittagong have been asked to hold a conference of Awami League by October 30. All the upazila conferences will be held by next November. Chittagong district conference will be organized in December. There will be no committee sitting at home. If the situation in Corona is good, it will be a grand conference, and if not, the committee will be formed through the conference in accordance with the rules of health.

He said, ‘We are going to organize small meetings together without any meeting on a large scale. This facilitates discussion with the leaders and workers. The visit of the central leaders to 15 organizational districts of Chittagong division will be completed by July 15.

Awami League Organizing Secretary in charge of Rajshahi Division SM Kamal Hossain is also working with the MPs of different districts and upazilas to resolve the conflicts of the local Awami League. Awami League leaders and MPs from Pabna district and five upazilas have been summoned to Dhaka on June 15.

SM Kamal Hossain said, ‘The party program is not going to be held in the field in Corona. That is why we are giving importance to resolving the internal disputes of the party. I am taking necessary action after listening to the problems. Next October we want to hold a conference of districts and upazilas of Rajshahi division. That is why it has become urgent to resolve these quarrels.