June 20, 2021


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The freedom fighters and the people have risen up demanding the punishment of Samshu and Sharun

‘Father steals machines, pola in a glass of wine  hundreds of sorrows of Patiya people, father and son laugh’, ‘Father stole machines, pola usurer, sanctify the parliament — bring a new dawn’. Thus in the muhurmuhu slogan, At the festoon, Patia MP Whip Shamsul Haque Chowdhury and his son Nazmul Karim Chowdhury demanded action against Sharun and the general public, including the heroic freedom fighters of Chittagong and their children. Chittagong has been in a frenzy demanding justice for Whip and his son Sharun. Ignoring the police obstruction, the freedom fighters and the people staged a human chain-protest meeting in the city on Wednesday. Speakers at a rally to protest the torture and humiliation of many freedom fighters, including Samsuddin Ahmed, the organizer of the liberation war and a heroic freedom fighter, demanded the removal of Shamsul Haque Chowdhury alias Bichhu Samshu from the post of whip. He also demanded immediate arrest of his reckless son Sharon for various serious crimes against the government.

The freedom fighters and their children have also demanded the expulsion of Samshu, a new Awami League member who joined the Awami League through the BNP and Jatiya Party, from the sidewalk hawker. Protesters chanted slogans in the name of Samsu and Sharun. In the name of Samshu and Sharun, they chanted slogans like ‘Haihai rairai bichchu-sharun gele koi’, ‘Liberation war tool, let’s roar again’, ‘Not Samsu-Sharun — this country is Bangladesh of liberation war’, ‘National flag is not safe for looters Samsur’.

A few hours before the start of the protest rally organized by ‘Bir Muktijoddha Samman Sanrakshan Parishad’ in front of Chittagong Press Club at Jamalkhan in the pre-arranged city at 3 pm yesterday, some people hired by Shamsul Haque Chowdhury and his son Sharun came to the rally site. Later, Kotwali Police Station Officer-in-Charge Nezam Uddin said, “No one will be allowed to assemble there as there is a risk of disturbing the peace and order.” From there, the organizers could not come to the front of DC Hill through Cheragi hill. They were forced to walk about one and a half kilometers to Lav Lane, Kazir Deuri, Chatteswari Junction, Paltan Road and came to WASA Junction. Then there were human chains and rallies in front of the main road of the city on the opposite side of the police line. Earlier, a short rally was also held at Cheragi.

Cheragir turn: At the rally at Cheragir turn, the heroic freedom fighter Samsuddin Ahmed said, “Shamsul Haque Chowdhury has made Patia an arena of corruption.” The freedom fighter, who has been the victim of the whip family’s wrath several times, added, Samshu has taken 20 percent commission from all the big projects of Patiya. No one can talk there. Once the Jatiya Party did not have the position of Samsu, but now the big leader of the Awami League. Insulting and insulting the freedom fighters in words. I am demanding the resignation of Whip Samsur MP.

Kazi Abu Tayyab, president of the Bir Muktijoddha Samman Sanrakshan Parishad and a heroic freedom fighter, said, “The freedom fighters will continue their struggle till the flag is taken away from the whip. Appeal to the government: Protect the common people from the oppression of the people of Patiya.

He added, ‘The ACC is investigating against Samsur. His house used to be a tinshed house, now there are luxurious bungalows. If he is not corrupt then where did so much money come from? Not only that, if you search, you will know that he has a house outside the country. The former BCL leader further said, ‘Hon’ble Prime Minister has given a project worth Tk. Samshu has taken 20 percent commission from each project. We want an impartial investigation against him. Let the national flag be snatched from him. The freedom fighters are being insulted by giving this national flag to this lowly person in return for the sacrifice of the freedom fighters.

Rally in Police Lines area: Human chain and rally started on the main road opposite Police Lines around 3:15 pm. Jasimuddin Chowdhury, Secretary General of the Council for the Preservation of the Honor of the Freedom Fighters, son of the late Zahur Ahmad Chowdhury, one of the organizers of the Liberation War in Chittagong, said, We are demanding exemplary punishment for Bichhu Samsur from this rally. ‘

Former student leader, son of a heroic freedom fighter and co-chairman of Muktijoddha Sangsad Sontan Command Nowshad Mahmud Chowdhury Rana said, ‘Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is our role model, our last hope is Sheikh Hasina. The hybrid Awami Leaguers are harassing the party’s dedicated leaders and activists and the nation’s best son, the heroic freedom fighters, in various ways. His burning witness is Samsu and his son Sharon. We are requesting the daughter of the father of the nation to protect the Awami League and the freedom fighters from them.

Chaiti Basu, a child of the martyr’s family, said, ‘Insulting the freedom fighters means insulting Bangladesh. We, the children of the liberation war, want justice for Bichu Samshu and Sharun. ‘

Mohammad Fakhruzzaman said, ‘We have to see today that many Awami League leaders and workers have lost today because of the Awami League MP (Bichhu). Protect the people of Patiya from Samshu and his family. ‘

At this time, slogans were raised again, ‘I don’t want Bichchu and Sharun in Chittagong’, ‘I want justice for the national rude Sharun Chowdhury who threatened freedom fighter Didarul Alam Chowdhury’ and so on.

Besides, digital banners and festoons highlighted, “All the criminals, including Bichu Samsu Jatiya Beyadab Nawab and Sharun, who threatened to beat up Awami League leader Samsuddin Ahmed, the best child of the nation, during the war of independence, should be arrested and punished.”

Also present on the occasion were Jasimuddin Chowdhury, son of late Muktijoddha Chowdhury Mahbubur Rahman, Bir Muktijoddha Mahfuz Alam, Bir Muktijoddha Habibur Rahman, Bir Muktijoddha MA Azizin’s son and Chittagong Metropolitan Awami League member Said. Bahar, son of former student leader and heroic freedom fighter Nowshad Mahmud Chowdhury Rana, member of the legal sub-committee of Bangladesh Awami League and senior vice chairman of Muktijoddha Paribarg organization, Barrister Shawgat Anwar Khan, Secretary General of Bangladesh Muktijoddha Paribarg Uttam Kumar Barua, Vice Chairman Syed Alam, Finance Secretary Office Secretary. Manju, Md. Nasir Khan, Ujjwal Chowdhury, Nowshad Selim, President of Bangladesh Muktijoddha Family Chittagong Metropolitan, Khorshed Alam, General Secretary, Chaiti Basu, Vice President of Bangladesh Freedom Fighters Family and daughter of Bir Muktijoddha, General Secretary of Chittagong Metropolitan Freedom Fighters’ Children and Generation Coordination Council and former Vice President of Chittagong University Chhatra League, Golam Rasul Nishan, son of Bir Muktijoddha and Belal Uddin, Joint General Secretary of Bangladesh Muktijoddha Family General Secretary Nur Hossain Dulal, younger brother of Bangladesh Chhatra League leader Danesh Chandra Debnath, who was martyred in 1971 due to his involvement in the six-point movement. Faisal and Bangladesh Muktijoddha family Chittagong Metropolitan and Thana Committee leaders, respectively. Osman Gani, Gazi Shohen, Bablu Mia, Md. Abbas, Aminul, Md. Golam Nabi, Md. Habibur Rahman, Pimlu, Naeem Uddin, Abu Taher Ripon, Joynal Abedin, Md. Bahar, Jamir Uddin, Jasim Uddin Chowdhury, Md. Ismail, Md. Nasir Uddin, Sameeran Khastgir, BM Jasim Uddin and others.