June 20, 2021


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Today is the first solar eclipse of the year

Today is going to be the first solar eclipse of the year on Thursday (June 10). The eclipse will start at 1:06 pm Bangladesh time. It will reach its maximum at 4:38 pm. And it will end at 6:06 pm.

After the eclipse begins, the moon will begin to vibrate slowly across the face of the sun. This solar eclipse can be seen from Bangladesh for three minutes and 51 seconds. At this time, about 94.3 percent of the sun will be covered in darkness. It is known that the moon will move between the sun and the earth. Only one ring will remain visible. Which is called ‘Ring of Fire’. As a result of the solar eclipse, beauty will be spread in the lap of the sky, experts said.

Fire rings can be seen from Russia, Canada, Greenland and the North Pole. The final state of acceptance can be seen from Greenland. Solar eclipses can also be seen from Europe and northern Asia.

Today’s solar eclipse will be seen from Canada, Greenland and Russia, according to the US space agency NASA. The eclipse will pass through northern Ontario and north of Lake Superior, Canada. In Canada this adoption will last three minutes. In India, however, the eclipse can be seen for just a few minutes before sunset in Arunachal Pradesh and parts of Ladakh.

A small part of the eclipse can be seen from the Dibang Sanctuary area of ​​Arunachal Pradesh at 5:52 pm. Besides, solar eclipse will be seen in Ladakh at 6:15 am. Besides, this eclipse cannot be seen from any other place in India.

It is known that the second solar eclipse of this year will be on December 4. And that will be a total solar eclipse.

Authorities in Bandarban have filed a lawsuit against two children for killing a child by entering a drainage pipe while playing on the grounds of the Quantum Cosmo School run by the Quantum Foundation in Lama.

Zakir Mostafiz Milu, uncle of the deceased student Shreya Mostafiz, filed the case with the Lama Police Station on Wednesday (June 9) afternoon. The Quantum Foundation authorities as well as the Quantum Cosmo School and College authorities and school residential supervisors have been accused of this.

Lama Police Station Inspector (Investigation) Alamgir Hossain confirmed the matter.

The case alleges that two sixth class students of the school, Shreya Mostafizur Rahman (11) and Abdul Quader Jilani (12), died while playing on June 8 at around 11 am. The two students of the school residence were playing on the school ground in the rain. However, they were trapped in the drainage pipe around the school after being swept away by the current of the mountain slope caused by the continuous rain. Two of them died there. 

Later, the locals rescued the bodies of Shreya Mostafizur Rahman and Abdul Quader Jilani, two students of Quantum Cosmo School and College, floating in the Dhenkichhara canal of Lama Sorai Kyajupara. Mostafiz is the son of Bulbul Mostafiz of Thakurgaon Municipality and Abdul Quader is the son of Rajab Ali of Ranihat Chakbaharam village in Chapainawabganj Sadar.