June 20, 2021


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Twenty-two people died after the oxygen was cut off, CCTV was out of order

Authorities at the Sri Parash Hospital in Agra, India, were shutting down the oxygen supply for five minutes to see who could survive and who could not survive without oxygen among coronavirus patients at the hospital!

22 people had to be the victims of that ‘exercise’. Priyanka, daughter of the late Munni Devi, has made a sensational allegation in this regard. He said more than half of the hospital’s CCTV cameras, including the reception desk, were turned off on the day of the incident.

The hospital was informed of their oxygen crisis on the day of the incident, Priyanka said. He alleged that Munni Devi was being given medicine and was kept on a ventilator, but there was no sign of an injection on her body! 

According to Priyanka, I also work in a hospital. My mother was transferred to Corona Ward but she was not given any Corona medicine. We were told to buy medicine and give it to the doctor.

This time Priyanka has decided to take legal action against the hospital for this extreme negligence. The Uttar Pradesh government has sealed the hospital after the death of 22 corona patients due to ‘exercise’ came to light.

A full investigation into the incident has been ordered. Uttar Pradesh Health Minister Joy Pratap Singh said an inquiry has already been ordered into the death of a patient at Parash Hospital in Agra. Once the report is submitted to the state government, a decision will be taken on the next steps.

Acting Chief Medical Officers Birendra Bharati and Sanjeev Barman have been directed to submit the investigation report within the next two days.

In a viral video, he was seen admitting to the exercise, but now the hospital’s owner, Arinjay Jain, claims the allegations are completely false. No such exercise was conducted at the hospital.

The video, which was spread on social media, is proving against his current claim. There, Arinjay was heard to say that there was a tension in the supply of oxygen in Modinagar. The patient was instructed to reduce. However, many families were not willing to take the patient back. I then thought, let’s do a ‘mock drill’ to see who can survive without oxygen. The oxygen supply to the entire hospital was cut off for five minutes at 8 am. No one knew about it. It can be seen that 22 people have become critical immediately. Going blue. They died within five minutes.

However, the family members of the patients admitted there are in trouble due to the sudden revocation of the hospital’s license. Lal Kumar Chauhan is one of them.

According to him, one of my relatives was admitted here 15 days ago. But his physical condition did not improve. Nevertheless we have been asked to sign the discharge document to get the file in hand. Now I do not understand where to take the patient.

Coronavirus has so far been identified as 16 crore 51 lakh 57 thousand 650 people around the world and 38 lakh 6 thousand 261 people have died.

Among those affected by corona in the world, 15 crore 8 lakh 8 thousand 938 people have recovered and at present one crore 26 lakh 13 thousand 551 people are affected.

The world’s coronary heart disease recovery rate is 97 percent and the death rate is 2 percent. Around the world, 65,326 people are currently in critical condition and the rest are stable.

The United States tops the list of countries affected by the Corona in the world. So far, 3,42,64,728 people have been identified as infected with coronavirus in that country and 6,13,494 people have died.