June 20, 2021


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After two months, onion import started through Benapole

Onion import from India has resumed after two months through Benapole land port in Jessore. On Wednesday (June 9), Dhaka-based importer Jubayer International imported 30 metric tonnes of onions through India’s Petrapole land port.

Earlier, the Indian government stopped onion exports by showing the crisis of onion production and increasing the price in stages. As a result, onion import to Bangladesh was stopped. As a result, the importers are severely affected. Although their LCs worth hundreds of crores of rupees were open, they could not import onions because they were stuck on the other side due to the ban. Imported Indian onions are being sold at Rs 35-38 per kg in the wholesale market and Rs 36-40 per kg in the retail market.

Alamgir Hossain, revenue officer of Benapole Customs, said 29 metric tonnes of onions were imported from India on Wednesday afternoon. Traders have to pay 5 percent duty on the import price to get the goods discounted. Local C&F agent Sejuti Enterprise is assisting the importer to complete the customs and port formalities.

Aminul Haque, vice-president of Benapole Port Import-Export Association, said the price of onion in the local market has come down by Tk 10 per kg on the news of onion import. The price of onion in the market three days ago was 55 to 60 rupees per kg. If the supply of imported onions increases, the market price will come down further, he said.

He added that when Indian onion imports stopped, the price of onion skyrocketed due to the manipulation of members of the opportunistic traders’ syndicate. As a result, ordinary people are reluctant to buy this much-needed onion. In this case, if the government insists on monitoring the list of importers in the country and the amount of onions they are importing and selling, then the violence of the syndicate will be reduced to some extent, he said.

Johnny Islam, a representative of Hamid Enterprise in Khulna, Bangladesh’s largest onion importer, said they were selling imported onions to local traders at Rs 35-36 per kg. 

Benapole Port Deputy Director (Traffic) Mamun Kabir Tarafdar said all concerned have been instructed to expedite the unloading of imported onion traders.