June 20, 2021


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Who will stop such misuse of technology

Very quickly we became acquainted with some darkness. This unfortunate darkness has many names. Adolescent gang, tick tock, like etc. Who knows what more horrible elements are left to be added. Now many parents spend their days in the fear of the unknown with their teenage sons and daughters. I don’t know when their children die. We have to accept such misfortune that the misuse of technology is bringing darkness all around. That teenager will dream of a beautiful world. Dream of being the hero of the beautiful world. But many of them in adolescence can see the endokada around. A world of all kinds of injustice. He forgets the dream of building a beautiful world. The terrible fantasy world shakes his hand. It starts to sink into the stinking rotten pond. But no one is reaching out to save these teenagers from drowning.

The nature and motive of each crime is different. Tick-tock-like addiction is on the rise. Thus, the bonds of governance have been loosened in our family education. Many parents have increased their financial capacity in many ways. He is handing over the smartphone to the teenage boy and girl ahead of time. Among them is the protection of the aristocracy of many and the issue of unequal competition. In this reality, many teenagers are getting addicted to various kinds of video games. These are making teenagers prone to crime. Adolescence is experiencing the biological excitement of youth. And that’s why teenage rapists are often mentioned in the media. With the weakening of the family bond, the group of teenagers started walking on the path of darkness for the welfare of Tiktak and Laiki. Many of them became addicted to drugs out of sheer curiosity. No matter how many records of zero tolerance are broken by the concerned government agencies, teenagers are getting drugs as soon as they raise their hands. I remember, When I went to school as a child, I could not always get four annas as pocket money every day. Although it could not be eaten more than pickles or ice cream. The distance from home to school is like a mile. Rickshaws used to move. Even if he could afford it, his parents would teach him to walk. Now times have changed, various crises have also increased. But if instead of 20 rupees, 200 rupees pocket money falls into the hands of a little boy or girl, then he can respond to various evil handcuffs.

A few days ago I saw a video on YouTube. One group wants to make people aware by making videos about various inconsistencies in the society. They have painted a picture of inconsistency. On a secluded street in Dhaka, three boys surrounded a beautiful and well-dressed elite girl. Holding the girl’s hand and pulling the dress. One is again videotaping this scene on his smartphone. The social media video team reached out to them. The teenagers were upset. Or they are making tick video. I tried to understand the social situation. Seeing and hearing, it seemed that the girl belonged to an educated family. The boys are a little talented. The father of the video was doing business. It is not the age to cross school boundaries, but the boy’s father has bought a phone worth lakhs of rupees. It is better to capture the video. The girl was asked, “You have come so far from Uttara with the three boys.” Does your family know? The girl replied no indicative. I think that no matter how so-called modern, families need to be so careful about when and where their teenage son or daughter is spending time. Because at this age, the maturity to understand good and evil is not supposed to come. But without fulfilling that responsibility, we parents are paving the way for walking in the dark. Many are promoting tick or porn videos. It is provoking the path of drugs and violence. Who will stop the misuse of technology!

Another terrible element has already taken a firm place in society. Its official name has become Kishore Gang. Violent groups of teenagers known by different names have been formed. These armed teenagers have sometimes identified themselves as kidnappers, drug addicts, occupiers, rapists and murderers. From the children of rich families educated in teenage gangs to the boys in the slums, everyone is joining.

In many cases, the bullies are the big brothers in the controlling area of ​​the teenage gang, who are often involved in ruling politics. Thus there is a political indulgence on the heads of teenage gangs. If our society, family and politics had hoped for a healthy way of life, then family, social and state disasters would not have come down in this way. If a disaster strikes, it is the responsibility of the law enforcement agencies to protect the society from it. But is he able to fulfill his responsibilities?

The media has been reporting for a long time that the disease is spreading in the society. When the society is drowning in the drugs of such technology, the DG of RAB is appealing to stop ticking and liking. The administration of our country has always been such that it does not uproot the seeds of poisonous dhutura. If human life is destroyed by the application of poison, then it becomes restless. By then the root has penetrated much deeper into the soil. It becomes difficult to uproot the whole.

A question in my mind revolves all the time. For a few years now we have been hearing the names of teenage gangs. These are not secret parties. Publicly committing misconduct. How could a teenage gang be formed when our law enforcement forces are so strong and have so many branches of intelligence? Was eradication too difficult in the beginning? Or as always, the politics of power has had to accept helplessness. Since the lathial teenage gang of local political leaders. They can maintain the occupation and put pressure on the opposition, so maybe the law enforcement agencies have no choice but to remain silent.

Ordinary people want to believe that our country’s trained police and RAB forces can eradicate such social ills in a month-long campaign, starting from juvenile gangs. But sometimes due to lack of honesty, sometimes due to lack of political will, it is not possible for them to protect the state and society. Occasionally, in a couple of raids, two to four or ten terrorist teenagers are arrested, but people think of it as Iwash. Because when the victimized people see the local political leaders, the guardians of the teenage gang, roaming around, it becomes difficult to have confidence.

Judging by the reality, there is no point in blaming our law enforcement agencies. They often do not have much to do outside of political decision making. Therefore, in the reality of the present time, the Awami League and the Awami League government have to decide whether the present ruling politics wants to bring the generation to the path of light. Hon’ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is taking the country forward through economic and infrastructural development with talent, labor and wisdom. But if the society is endangered, the people will not be relieved by the fruits of development. There will also be a question mark in the international arena.

But the weakness of the government is being revealed from within the government. When members of the opposition in Parliament raised the issue of money laundering abroad, the finance minister said he had no such list. If they give the list, they will take action. I don’t know if it was a parliamentary joke. But it will send the wrong message to the common people. Money laundering is well known. It is up to the administration and intelligence to make a list of them. It is not right to prove everyone a failure in this way. Now in the same vein, if the concerned administration says that the list of those who illegally use Tiktak and who are the members of the juvenile gang is given to the police by the common people, the police will take action. Then the matter will not be ridiculous? However, we believe that the law enforcement agencies will not talk so much.

We think that our smart law enforcement forces are not able to show success due to lack of political will. If there was a green signal from the upper echelons of government, if political legislators could agree to build a stable society, if family ties were stronger, parents could fulfill their responsibilities to their children, law enforcement could be free from influence and honest. To observe, it would be easy to remedy all crises.