June 19, 2021


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10 children were born together

One woman gave birth to nine children in Morocco last month. His name appeared in the Guinness Book of World Records. The record was broken again in a matter of months. This time a woman gave birth to ten children at once. Name Gosium Thamara Sithol. The 36-year-old woman is from South Africa. After being admitted to the hospital, the doctors first examined her and said that she was going to be a mother of six children. After a few days of scanning, the number increased to eight. But as seen during the surgery, two more newborns are peeking out. In other words, Sithol has given birth to 10 children in all.

Her husband Eboho Sotetsi was shocked by the whole incident. “As far as I know, there are seven sons and three daughters,” he said. My wife was seven months and seven days pregnant. Now I am really surprised. And very happy. ‘

Seattle’s response, on the other hand, was that everything went normally. He did not go for any fertility treatment. Sithol has given birth to twins before. Two six-year-old girls are currently at home waiting for new members.

How was the time after coming to the hospital? Responding to a question from reporters, Sithol said, “I thought to myself, since there have been twins before, this time it will be more than three.” But when I heard the number on the doctor’s face, I was shocked. ‘

Sithol, a manager of a local shop in the profession, added at the same time, ‘Besides, there was concern about how so many children would be born at the same time. Can’t someone’s head-hand-stomach pair? Such things were going on in my head. I used to ask questions about these whenever the doctors visited. But they assured me that my uterus was expanding on its own. As a result, there is no cause for concern. In the end, by the grace of God, that’s really what happened. ‘ Source: The Wall.