June 20, 2021


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There is a fear that the Indian variant of Corona will spread in Keraniganj

Corona infection is increasing in 29 border districts of the country. Terrible Indian variants of Corona are spreading in these districts. The presence of Indian variant of Corona has been found in the bodies of some workers from Chapainawabganj in Dhaka’s Nawabganj upazila. Due to the large floating population in Dhaka’s Keraniganj, there is a danger of spreading Indian variants in Keraniganj as well.

Being the closest upazila to Dhaka, Keraniganj is home to many floating people from different districts of the country. The population of Keraniganj is about 22 lakhs. Among them, there are about 6 to 7 lakh workers in different districts of the country in the Agangar Garment Rural area of ​​Keraniganj. There are more than one lakh workers in Jinjira Tawapatti area. 

People from different parts of the country are also working in various mills and development projects in other unions in Keraniganj. Keraniganj Garment Palli and Jinjira Tawapatti factories have started opening after the long Eid holiday. Various development projects and mills have also been launched. Workers have started coming from different parts of the country. There is no accurate account of whether any workers from there have come to Keraniganj in the last 10 days after the spread of Indian type in the border districts, how much has actually come, who has risen where.

Speaking to a few traders who did not want to be named, it was learned that North Bengal workers could be hired with less facilities than in other regions. Therefore, there are more workers in Chapainawabganj, Natore, Rajshahi, Rangpur, Kurigram, Chitalmari, Panchagarh and Dinajpur in North Bengal. There are also people from other districts. After the long closure of Eid, workers have started coming from different parts of the country since last week ahead of Eid-ul-Adha. However, none of them were tested corona. There is no way to find out if anyone has come here with an Indian variant.

Talking to some locals of Aganagar, it is learned that 20 to 25 workers work together in one factory here. Some factories have more workers. If a worker is affected by corona and comes to work here, it will spread quickly among others.

Jinjira Union resident said. Habib Rahman said people from different districts work in Keraniganj. People from different regions travel through Keraniganj. So there are risks. On the contrary, the risk in Keraniganj is more than other regions. Not only Indian variants but all variants have to follow the hygiene rules and be careful. But sadly, the market of Keraniganj, the road of travel or anywhere does not follow the rules of hygiene. In particular, there is no hygiene problem on the roads. There is no one to see them. Lockdown is seen only in name in Keraniganj. The administration is not very active.

Akhter Jilani Khokon, president of Jinjira Tawapatti Businessmen’s Association, said, “Most of our factories here are closed. The factories that are open are being operated in compliance with the hygiene rules.”

Muslim Dhali, general secretary of Keraniganj Garment and Shop Owners Association, said wholesalers from far and wide are coming less after Eid, they are ordering online. And many workers did not go to the village on Eid, they stayed in their factories. To deal with corona, we are doing awareness miking on behalf of the owners’ association every day and we are constantly monitoring whether the hygiene is being followed in the garment village.

Keraniganj Upazila Health and Family Planning Officer. Talking to Mashiur Rahman, he said that so far the number of corona patients in Keraniganj is 2654. An average of 30 corona are being tested in Keraniganj every day. Of these, only 5 corona positive were found in the last 7 days. In the last 15 days, we have found two people who have returned to Keraniganj without maintaining quarantine from India. They have been identified and their entire family has been tested. But no one came positive. So far no Indian variant has been found in Keraniganj.

“We all need to be aware of the Indian variant,” the health official said. Anyone in the vicinity from India must actually inform us and confirm his corona test. We have the ability to test, the rest is to help the people. Of the 492 upazilas of the country, only Keraniganj upazila has a Kavid Dedicated Hospital. No one should be afraid. If anyone thinks he needs to be tested, he can come here and get tested for only 100 rupees without any hassle. If I have Kavid, my family and friends will be the first to suffer, so Corona should be tested without fear to keep everyone safe.

Keraniganj Upazila Nirbahi Officer Amit Debnath said the presence of Indian variant has not been found in Keraniganj yet. For now, the situation in Keraniganj is under control. We are always trying to make the people obey every directive of the government. The government’s decision to deal with Corona is our decision. Everyone should wear a mask and follow hygiene rules. And if anyone wants to come from India and hide information, then the people in the vicinity should inform the administration.