June 19, 2021


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So far, 70 Bangladeshis have died in Corona in Bahrain

The global epidemic of coronavirus (Cavid-19) has so far killed 70 Bangladeshis in Bahrain. Of these, 32 people died last May.

Bahrain’s health ministry said in a statement.

Meanwhile, the Bangladesh Embassy in Bahrain has advised everyone to strictly adhere to the hygiene rules announced by the Bahraini government. It is known that thousands of citizens and expatriates are being infected with coronavirus every day in Bahrain. The number of deaths due to corona is also increasing at an alarming rate.

It is known that the Bahraini government has been providing coronavirus vaccine free of cost to the expatriates living there from the very beginning. The government has been urging people living in Bahrain to get vaccinated from the beginning.

It has imposed many restrictions on those who have not been vaccinated. In this situation, the ambassador of Bangladesh in Manama has strongly urged all Bangladeshi workers to get vaccinated.

A new committee of the Importers-Exporters Association has been formed at Banglabandha, the only quadrilateral land port in the country. At the annual general meeting on Wednesday (June 9th), a new 21-member three-year committee was formed with Abdul Latif Tarin as president and Kudrat-i-Khuda Milon as general secretary, chaired by Mehedi Hasan Khan Babla. Earlier, the treasurer of the organization Mozzafar Hossain presented the annual income and expenditure account.

The former committee was dissolved in the first session of the general meeting in the presence of importers and exporters. The new committee was announced for the next three years with the formation of a five-member Nomination Board to form a new committee in the second session. 

Abdul Latif Tarin, president of the new committee of the Importers and Exporters Association, is the vice-president of the Bangladesh Krishak League. General Secretary Kudrat-i-Khuda Milon is the Chairman of Banglabandha Union Parishad.

Traders are hopeful that the new leadership will bring about a huge positive change in imports and exports.