June 20, 2021


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The Executive Director of the World Food Program praised the development of Bangladesh

David Bisley, Executive Director of the Rome-based World Food Program (WFP), praised its remarkable achievements in various fields over the past decade, citing its cordial relationship with Bangladesh. He said this while handing over the identity card to Shamim Ahsan, Ambassador of Bangladesh to Italy and Permanent Representative of Bangladesh to the WFP, to the WFP Chief. The ceremony was held at the WFP headquarters on Tuesday (June 7) in a very warm and friendly atmosphere, maintaining social distance in the Corona situation.

Ambassador Ahsan cordially thanked the Executive Director of the WFP for formally accepting him as the Permanent Representative of the WFP and for his high views on Bangladesh’s achievements. He praised the dynamic leadership of the WFP’s executive director, who received the WFP’s Nobel Peace Prize in 2020 and ensured a record amount of international assistance in 2020 despite the Corona situation.

Describing the WFP’s activities in Bangladesh as multi-dimensional, long-term and highly effective, the Ambassador and Permanent Representative briefed the Executive Director on the government’s financial support and direct involvement in the ‘School Feeding Program’ and ‘Fortified Rice’. He commended the WFP for its unprecedented support and important role in the Rohingya issue and urged the Executive Director to press the Myanmar government through the WFP Executive Board to ensure the safe, secure and dignified repatriation of the Rohingya people to their own land.  
The Executive Director of the WFP mentioned that he had visited Bangladesh several times to observe the Rohingya situation first hand and was overwhelmed by the responsible policy and extraordinary humanitarian compassion of the Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina to provide all kinds of assistance to the Rohingya people. Does. 

The WFP chief promised to work to make the international community aware of the Rohingya issue through the organisation’s executive board so as not to put any economic pressure on Bangladesh. The Ambassador and Permanent Representative visited the Cox’s Bazar Rohingya Camp in 2019 on the occasion of the WFP Executive Board’s visit and later briefed the Board members on their experience. AK Abdul Momen expressed his sincere gratitude and appreciation to the Board members for taking the initiative to inform him at the WFP Headquarters during his visit to Italy.

The Ambassador and Permanent Representative expressed satisfaction over the progress made in the preparation of Country Strategic Plan (CSP) for Bangladesh for the period 2022-2026 and requested the WFP to work more closely with the Government of Bangladesh to ensure development assistance from development partners as promised in CSP implementation.  

Finally, Bangladesh and the WFP pledged to work together to tackle hunger and poverty in the days to come. Mr. Manas Mitra, Economic Counselor of the Embassy and Alternative Permanent Representative of Rome to the United Nations, and senior officials from the WFP were present on the occasion.