June 19, 2021


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Three people died in Corona in Chittagong

In Chittagong, three people have died of coronavirus in the last 24 hours. At the same time, corona has been identified in the bodies of 119 people. Corona detection rate is 14.70 percent compared to the test.

This information was given in the latest report on Corona sent to the media from the District Civil Surgeon’s Office on Thursday morning.

According to government estimates, 54,454 corona have been identified in Chittagong so far. A total of 635 people died in Chittagong in Corona.

According to the District Civil Surgeon’s Office, 615 corona samples were tested in the last 24 hours

In the last 24 hours, 72 people have been identified in the city. 57 people from different upazilas outside the city. One of the dead in the last 24 hours is a resident of the city and two are residents of the upazila.

In Chittagong, 451 people have died in Corona so far. 164 people died in different upazilas. One died in Corona in Chittagong on Wednesday. On this day, samples of 1,161 people were tested. The corona of 114 people was identified. The detection rate was about 10 percent compared to the test.

The first corona patient was identified on April 3 last year in Chittagong. Then on April 9, the first person died of coronavirus infection.

Bad news again in the cultural arena of two Bengals. Buddhadev Dasgupta died. The director and poet died at his home in South Kolkata on Thursday morning. He was 6 years old.

Buddhadev Dasgupta had been suffering from kidney disease for a long time. Dialysis was also going on. He died this morning after all attempts failed. His death has cast a shadow of mourning over the culture of the two Bengals. Fans reminisced with his picture on social media.

Buddhadev Dasgupta had been suffering from kidney complications for several years. Even today he was supposed to be on dialysis. However, before that, his physical condition deteriorated on Wednesday night. He was sleeping in his room this morning. His wife went to call from sleep. Call the doctor without getting any response. The doctor declared the director dead after examination.

Buddhadev Dasgupta was born on 11 February 1944 in Anara, Purulia. He is the third in a family of nine siblings. His father Tarakanta Dasgupta was a doctor by profession. Was associated with the railways. Buddhadev Dasgupta moved to Calcutta when he was only 12 years old. He started teaching at Deenbandhu School in Howrah. Buddhadev Dasgupta also studied economics at the Scottish Church College. He has taught at Shyamsunder College under Burdwan University.

Besides teaching and literature, he had a passion for film. He dreamed of making pictures. He once became a member of the Calcutta Film Society. Handcuffs directed in 1987 with a 10 minute documentary. Then one by one he made pictures like ‘Distance’, ‘Neem Annapurna’, ‘Civil War’, ‘Episode of Evil Girl’, ‘Day of Dreams’, ‘Airplane’. His pictures have won many national awards. He has won national awards for multiple films including ‘Bagh Bahadur’, ‘Charachar’, ‘Lal Darja’, ‘Kalpurush’. Notable among his books of poetry are ‘Robot’s Song’, ‘Umbrella Story’, ‘Deep Behind’ etc.

This morning, mourning for the death of Buddhadev Dasgupta descended on the culture lovers of the two Bengals. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has sent a condolence message on the death of the director. In a condolence message on Twitter, Mamata highlighted the aspects of her various achievements. Buddhadeb Dasgupta has received numerous awards including Lifetime Achievement Award at the Spain International Film Festival, Golden Award at the Athens International Film Festival, Golden Bear Award at the Berlin International Film Festival, and the National Film Award. Mamata wrote that her death caused irreparable damage to the film world.

In a condolence message, actor Prosenjit Chatterjee wrote, ‘I have been watching Buddha’s pictures since childhood. I am proud of his country, his language. The teacher was Buddha. He was also a poet. Most notably, I’ve seen fewer good people like him. Feel lucky. I have had the opportunity to work with Buddha twice. ‘

Director Tarun Majumder said, ‘There was a big loss. I’m shocked. ‘ Director Gautam Ghosh said, “This news is even more tragic at this terrible time. Was ill. He was also writing poems. Talking on the phone. Dreaming together. My request is that his film be preserved. ‘

Srilekha Mitra acted in the film ‘Evil Girl’s Episode’. He wrote in his memoirs, ‘Buddhadev Dasgupta was a short-spoken person. He used to talk to the heroines and actors about his only job. The rest of the time he was as quiet as himself. Many directors chatted with the actors and actresses during the shooting. Buddhadebababu was not like that. As a result, I kept a little distance from him out of fear. But he was very good as a teacher. Buddhadev Dasgupta was also very picky about work. He loved to capture what was normal on camera. ‘