July 29, 2021


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Eriksen’s Denmark lost

The match between Denmark and Finland in Group B on the second day of the Euro Cup was declared abandoned but it was later decided to resume. In that match Christian Eriksen’s Denmark lost in the end.

Finland won the match 1-0 at the Parken Stadium in Copenhagen on Saturday. The only goal was scored by Joel Pohjanpalo.

In such an incident, the whole stadium was covered with black clouds. The Danish midfielder was taken to hospital after 15 minutes of treatment on the field.

The Danish Football Association later said in a statement on Twitter that Eriksen’s condition was stable. The 29-year-old star will undergo some more tests.

UEFA immediately announced the postponement of the Euro Championship match between Denmark and Finland. Later, at the request of the players of the two teams, the game resumed on the field.

Eriksen’s Denmark could not smile the last smile in the ‘B’ group match which resumed after about two and a quarter hours. They lost 1-0 at their home ground, the Parken Stadium in Copenhagen. Joel Pohinpolo’s goal in the second half showed Finland’s first-ever Euro finish.

The rest of the match started at 12:30 pm Bangladesh time on Saturday. After an unfinished four minutes of play in the first half, the players go for a short break of five minutes. Then the game of the second half was held.

The hosts dominated the attack as well as possession of the ball throughout the match. Six of the 22 shots they took on goal were on target. But the team at number 10 in the FIFA rankings had to pay the price for wasting one opportunity after another.

Denmark failed to score even from the penalty spot. The referee blew the whistle for a penalty in the 63rd minute when Yusuf Paulsen was fouled in the opponent’s D-box. Finnish goalkeeper Lucas Hradeki saved Pierre-Emil H হয়bier’s spot-kick.

Finland is their only chance to win the match! In the 59th minute, Poheinpalo sent the ball into the net with a header from Jere Uronen’s cross. Denmark goalkeeper Caspar Smykel is responsible for this. The ball crosses the goal line by melting the gap in his hand.

Finland can take that one shot in the opponent’s goal in the whole match. And that was the goal. Earlier, Denmark had to leave the field in frustration due to the goal digested in the driver’s seat.