July 30, 2021


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Police in the field to enforce the lockdown, but still the people

A seven-day lockdown is underway in Rajshahi metropolis to prevent coronavirus infection. Somewhere with bamboo barricades and somewhere on the road, the police are on duty. Even after that, the movement of people is not going to be stopped. People are going out of the house on various excuses. Loose lockdown has also been seen in Natore, Sherpur and Noakhali. Details in Kaler Kantho’s own reporters and correspondents’ news:

Rajshahi: Apart from Rajshahi metropolitan and district police, members of Rajshahi Range Reserve Force (RRF) are also on duty. RAB members are also in the field. But crowds of people are also being noticed in different places including markets, intersections and alleys. People are going out for various activities on foot, autorickshaws, bicycles and motorcycles. And the unemployed are hanging out at the corner of the neighborhood. However, no relief or grant was reported till yesterday for the starving people.

On the second day of the lockdown, from Saturday morning to noon, the city’s Terokhadia, Railgate, Laxmipur, Sahebbazar, Shiroil, Shalbagan Junction, Bhadra Junction, Talaimari, Kajla, Binodpur and other areas were visited and police personnel were on duty at the junction or important places. Police are interrogating whenever they see any vehicle on the road or a few people walking together. Police are urging people on the streets to return home. But small vehicles are running in it, although this number is much less. Hundreds of people can be seen walking again. All in all, the city dwellers are not going to be kept at home even with strict lockdown.

Meanwhile, the mobile court of the district administration is also in the field to implement the lockdown. If you go out on the street without a reason, you will have to pay a fine in the mobile court. All shops except emergency goods and services are closed. Somewhere small shops have been seen doing business even with half the space open. Raw market is open, TCB’s track cell is also open for poor people in lockdown.

Rajshahi Metropolitan Police (RMP) spokesperson Golam Ruhul Quddus said, “A separate lockdown has been given in Rajshahi to control coronavirus. The people of Rajshahi must understand this. We are trying our best to keep people at home. But even after that people are coming out with various excuses. Pedestrians are attacking the police somewhere. As a result, we have to fight to implement the lockdown.

Natore: On the fourth day of all-out lockdown in Natore Sadar and Singra municipalities, slackness was observed on Saturday. The activities of the police on the road or the activities of the mobile court were not so noticeable. However, police have been seen setting up checkposts in some parts of the city to control vehicles. In Natore town, all kinds of shops except raw materials, medicines and groceries have been closed. Auto and rickshaw traffic was normal on various inner roads except the main roads of the city.

Sherpur: Corona infection is on the rise in Sherpur, a district bordering Meghalaya in India. The district administration has announced a two-week lockdown in the Sherpur municipal area from last Friday. However, there was a feeling of laxity among the common people yesterday regarding the observance of the rules and regulations. The administration has been seen campaigning to comply with the rules and regulations, including collecting fines for disobeying instructions in mobile court raids. The district information office has also campaigned on the road. The civic platform has organized public-initiated corona and environmental awareness debates.

Noakhali: The presence of people in the special lockdown imposed in six unions including Noakhali municipal area was less yesterday. CNG-powered autorickshaws and easy bikes were stopped yesterday and the crowds were less. In addition to the closure of the shopping mall, the administration’s surveillance of the raw market was also noticeable. This lockdown will remain in force till June 18.

No vehicles other than rickshaws have been plying in the city since Saturday morning. Rickshaw movement was also limited. The crowd in the raw market was much less than on other days. Food shops were also limited but no one was allowed to sit. The roads in the district administration have been deserted as six special teams have been working all day in different parts of the city and suburbs. The mobile court also imposed fines for not wearing masks in various places and for keeping the shops open.

Kushtia: A seven-day strict curfew has been imposed in Kushtia municipal area since yesterday morning due to increased infection. Under the ban, all types of shops, businesses, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants and vehicles in the city are closed. However, raw material and daily necessities shops are open from 8 am to 2 pm.

Kushtia General Hospital RMO Tapash Kumar Sarkar said the number of corona patients has increased on the first day of the ban. Two more corona patients died at the hospital on the same day. Five people died in the last 36 hours.

Satkhira: On the first day of the second week of lockdown, the rate of corona infection has increased in Satkhira. One died of corona at Satkhira Medical College Hospital.

Yesterday, the administration was seen to be a bit strict on roads and highways. The search is going on at every corner. Police are setting up checkposts at various points in the city to control the movement. However, crowds have been seen in the markets. People don’t want to follow hygiene rules at all.

Meanwhile, import-export activities are also limited in Bhomra land port. However, police and BGB surveillance has been stepped up to prevent Indian drivers and helpers from roaming freely.