July 29, 2021


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Throat infections are on the rise

Experts consider the two-week period as an indicator to monitor the progression of corona infection. Considering that, two weeks and two weeks before that, the health professionals have analyzed the data of the infection situation. It found a 35 percent increase in detection and a 19 percent increase in deaths in the space of two weeks. Although the sample test is slightly increased, it is much lower in the infection ratio, which is 12 percent.

In other words, from 15 to 29 May in two weeks in the country corona test two lakh 12 thousand 72 samples. Of these, corona was identified in the bodies of 18,590 people. 425 people died in those two weeks. However, in these two weeks from May 30 to Saturday, two lakh 41 thousand 305 samples were tested against corona in the bodies of 26 thousand 100 people. 522 people died. Not only that, the rate and number of daily detections have almost doubled in the space of two weeks. As a result, the picture of the three main indicators of infection (identification, death and examination) is the evidence of the rise of infection in the country.

Experts are also keeping an eye on this information and say in unison, the speed of infection will increase in the coming days. In this case, the experts are expressing strong fears about the spread of the infection, but on the contrary, they are frustrated and regretful seeing the lax context in the implementation of measures to prevent the infection. Some of the members of the National Technical Advisory Committee on Government-formed Kavid-19 have already expressed frustration over the management of the infection. Now the number of those consultant members, frustrated by the worrying situation, has increased. Some people don’t want to be on this committee anymore. However, most experts want the government to extend the ban until June 18. At least in that extended period there should be no such relaxation. Although a policy-making source has already confirmed Kaler’s voice, Even after June 18, the ban is increasing again. In that case, strict action may be taken again in some cases. However, experts believe that implementing these suggestions and guidelines is a big challenge now.

One of the members of the National Technical Advisory Committee and former Vice Chancellor of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, Prof. Nazrul Islam told Kaler Kanth that it would have to be extended again after the end of the current ban on June 16. And not just increase it, it has to be effective. In this case, whether locally or across the country, full benefits will not be available without a full lockdown for a certain period of time. He added, “The advice we are giving is not being implemented. All loose, again people are not behaving protectively themselves. If you don’t pay attention to the security system from both sides, it will not work.

Another member of the National Committee, Prof. Iqbal Arslan said, ‘But we have a bigger danger ahead. The problem is, the advice we give is not being implemented from the administration’s place. There is also a great deal of unconsciousness in people. In this case, it has become urgent to force the army or BGB to abide by the health rules. Dr. Iqbal Arslan added, “Even if our advice is given importance from the policy-making stage of the government, the government can no longer implement that advice under the pressure of business or various quarters.”

Another member, who did not want to be named, said that where the committee’s advice is not implemented, it is the same to be there or not. Many members of the committee are now losing interest in attending the meeting, some do not even want to give any advice at the meeting.

Health Department Adviser. Mushtaq Hossain said, ‘Infection is on the rise. In this case, I repeatedly emphasize three things. These include ensuring all necessary arrangements for each infected person, involving community leaders and members to adhere to hygiene among the general population, and ensuring immunization as soon as possible. He said the ban should not only be enforced where there is an infection, but also in the vicinity of the district or area, otherwise the spread could not be stopped.

The latest observations of the National Committee: At the last meeting of the National Committee on 31st May and 1st June, it was said that the overall situation of Corona in the country has deteriorated, especially in the border districts. Delta variants have also spread at the community level. As a result, despite the best efforts of the health department, if there is an uncontrolled infection, the medical system may face a big challenge. Considering the overall situation, there is no alternative to prevent infection, the role of public administration is undeniable.

From that meeting, it was recommended to the government that the restrictions imposed across the country should be strictly followed. Proper covering of the nose and face must be ensured, eating out in restaurants must be stopped, all social, political and religious gatherings must be banned, tourism and recreation centers must be closed, and there must be a complete regional lockdown in border districts and highly infected areas. It has also been said that all people except those engaged in emergency services in the border districts have been ordered to stay at home. Inter-district public transport from highly infected areas has been stopped, coordination of public administration and police administration with the health department, and strict supervision by the administration to ensure prohibition.