July 30, 2021


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Casino Khaled forces killed in the recovery of ‘Empire’!

‘Why did you give status on Facebook after the arrest of Khaled Bhai (Casino Khaled)? This time see what I do to you. ‘ Then the person who was attacked is a teenager at that age. The sword of torture is being used to talk about the vandalism of Khaled’s torture cell. When Khaled was arrested, his cadres covered his body. Coming back now they are desperate to restore the empire. They are not even shaking hands to carry out the assassination attempt. The only purpose is to recapture the lost empire.

Green one storey building. Solitary and shady. However, many locals were shocked to see the building. Because this was the torture cell of Khaled Mahmud Bhuiyan, the expelled organizing secretary of Dhaka South Metropolitan Juba League. After Khaled was arrested by the RAB on October 8, 2019, the locals vandalized the torture cell and the police hung a signboard of the BIT office there. Now, not only the three-room torture cell, but his cadre forces are desperate to recover the entire empire of Khaled’s crime. The violence of Khaled’s arrest was stopped. Recently again they have started taking possession of everything. In the meantime, extortion has started from various markets, sidewalks and businesses in Khilgaon. The helpless cobblers and lame tea-shops were not spared from this oppression.

It is learned that his cadres covered Khaled when he was arrested. There was some relief in the Shahjahanpur-Khilgaon area of ​​the capital. Kabir, Palti Ripon, shooter Sajib, Rizvi Hasan Ravi and Moniruzzaman alias Tokai Sumon entered Khilgaon in the name of distributing Iftar items last Ramadan. After that, some of them were injured in the attacks and some of them have already left the area for fear of them. One of the High Court clerk. Mahbubur Rahman Jewel.

On May 25, Jewel Kaler’s voice was heard in the Jhilpar area of ​​Khilgaon. He was sitting with his friends in Jhilpar on the afternoon of May 5. Khaled’s followers, led by snatcher Kabir, came and started abusing him by blaming him for vandalizing the torture cell. When Jewel protested, Kabir and his accomplices beat him and seriously injured him. Jewel lodged a GD with Shahjahanpur police station on the same day. It is learned that so far the police have not taken any action in this regard.

Jewel said locals vandalized the torture cell after Khaled was arrested. After that the police put up a signboard there but they have no activities. Khaled’s cadres are now trying to seize the torture cell again. In addition, the snatcher Kabir threatened to cut off the hands of those who broke the torture cell. Since then, many in the area have gone into hiding out of fear.

Saiful Islam, son of Joynal Abedin of Goran area and general secretary of Ward No. 2 Juba League, was attacked by the same forces. On May 15, under the leadership of Palti Ripon, Tokai Sumon, Russell alias Chapati Russell, Manjurul alias Kachi, Ujjal, Palti Ripon’s nephew Zahid, friend Kabir, Dalim, Mamun alias Chandi Mamun and some other unidentified persons attacked Saiful. They publicly beat Saiful in front of Raymond Taylors below the Khilgaon flyover and left him on the road with three bullets in the chest, abdomen and back. He was rushed to Dhaka Medical College Hospital where he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Saiful was seen lying on the bed at his house on Road No. 9 in East Goran. Chest-abdomen-back covered with white bandage. Sitting next to him, his wife Sumi is crying profusely. Saiful’s only son Mehrab Hasan Saifan, 11, is also in a dilemma. Saiful was staring at the boy. He cried to ask how he was. He said, ‘I can’t caress the boy anymore. I have to spend my days lying down, this is how I am living somehow. Khaled’s cadres wanted to kill me by removing me from politics. God has saved me. ‘ He added, On the evening of May 15, Palti Ripon fired two rounds into my chest and abdomen with a pistol. And Tokai Sumon shot me in the back. The day after the incident, my wife filed a case with Sabujbagh police station. DB has got the responsibility of investigating the case. So far no accused other than Manjurul alias Kochi has been arrested. If they get a chance, they can attack me again. ‘

Saiful’s case investigation officer DB Motijheel Zone SI Israel Hossain said the DB arrested one accused from Shariatpur after receiving the investigation. He was sent to court after a two-day remand. The accused has given a lot of important information in remand. But in the interest of investigation, it is not possible to inform them now. He added that efforts are being made to arrest other accused in the case. But the accused are changing their position frequently. Besides, the mobile numbers used by the accused and their family members have also been blocked. He hoped that all the accused would be arrested. He said that the former investigating officer of the case, SI Robin of Sabujbagh Police Station, had applied to the court seeking a ban on the accused Ripon going abroad.

The working teenager could not escape from the attack of Khaled’s cadres. Ashraful Alam says, ‘After Khaled’s arrest, I posted the status on Facebook. For that, the kidnappers called Kabir’s men and threatened to beat me to death. After that I could not file a case in this incident for fear.

It is known that Md. Kabir Hossain was a devoted activist of former president of Motijheel Juba Dal Mirza Kalu. The word ‘snatcher’ precedes the name due to theft and snatching. Then in 2013 Kabir joined the Juba League with the help of Casino Khaled. Within a few days, he took over the post of Juba League president of the former 34th and 11th wards. He is the accused in the Nitai murder case of Mohakhali. Kabir was the chief of Casino Khaled’s cadre. On the other hand, Jamir Hossain Ripon was also a cadre of Juba Dal. His name became ‘Palti Ripon’ as he changed his company repeatedly. Ripon is notorious as the killer of Casino Khaled. There are multiple murder, robbery, extortion and drug cases in his name in different police stations. Mohakhali Nitai murder case, Swechchhasebak League leader Kauser murder case, He is accused in the notorious Nightingale Hotel robbery case of Motijheel police station and the case of attempted murder of Saiful, general secretary of Juba League in Goran Ward 2. Kabir and Ripon had all the illegal weapons of Khaled.

Shooter Sajib is the accused in the 2005 Mithun and Titu murder case at the Crystal Cable Network office in Banasree. He is also accused of being involved in the 2014 assassination of Mahbubur Rahman Rana in Moghbazar with only business control. Rizvi Hasan Ravi was the head of Casino Khaled’s helmet force. Tokai Sumon controlled Khaled’s drug business in Khilgaon, Basabo, Goran and Shahjahanpur areas. Shooter Sajib was in control of extortion ranging from sidewalk shops to markets, vehicle stands, businesses and various homes. Juba Dal cadre Kislu was known as Khaled’s chief cashier. Ujjal alias Ujjal used to control the tender of the contractor.

An Awami League leader from Khilgaon, who did not want to be named, said, ‘None of the Kabir-Ripons were in the area after Khaled’s arrest. Violence-fighting-extortion was stopped. The locals were very peaceful. Their harassment has started again since last Ramadan. They have started extortion again in Khilgaon and surrounding areas. They have already tortured BCL and Juba League leaders, including some senior Awami League leaders, for protesting. Now no one dares to open their mouth against them for fear. I myself have been tortured by them. ‘

Motijheel Zone DC Asaduzzaman Ripon of the Detective Branch (DB) said, “There has been a lot of progress in the investigation of the case of Juba League leader Saiful. We are unable to disclose more information at this time. And in Khilgaon area, if anyone receives allegations of torture and extortion, we must take necessary action. Now there is no chance to get through these activities.