July 30, 2021


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Was it polite for Khaled Mahmood to run away like that?

Shakib Al Hasan, the world’s best all-rounder and Mohammedan captain, was leaving the field after an incident against the cricket law. A few Abahani supporters in the gallery were then abusing him. Shakib raised his finger and threatened them and also started cursing them. Meanwhile, Khaled Mahmud Sujan, who was in the dug-out, was furious when he saw Shakib’s action on the field. He accidentally got into trouble with Shakib. kalerkantho

When Shakib was pointing his finger at the audience, Abahani coach Sujan, who was in the dug-out, thought, Shakib is saying something to him! Diameter! Sujan rushed towards Shakib. Then some of the cricketer-staff of his team stopped Sujan. Shakib then said to Sujan, ‘I didn’t tell you anything, I told the audience.’ After this incident on the field, Shakib went to Abahani’s dressing room and apologized to Sujan. Sujan also hugged him. kalerkantho

Meanwhile, the picture of Khaled Mahmood jumping on the social site has gone viral. The question is, how can a top BCB official and a coach of a club rush to kill Shakib! Sabbir Ahmed Nibir wrote, ‘Shakib has behaved like a player, even if he is out of anger and frustration, I do not support it. But why will Khaled Mahmud Sujan come on the field to kill Shakib? ‘ Arman Hossain wrote, ‘How Khaled Mahmud Sujan became the coach of Abahani Club after becoming the director of BCB! Besides, by what right did he rush to kill Shakib? ‘ kalerkantho

Masum Billah Raha jokingly wrote, “Speed ​​monster and BBC director Khaled Mahmud Sujan probably went to Shakib to ask for the price of breaking the stamp, which made Shakib angry.” Ariful Islam wrote, ‘Abahani coach Khaled Mahmud Sujan rushed towards him, Shakib also raised his finger and came forward. A senior cricket personality like Khaled Mahmood, a board director should not have behaved like this … it is also sad …. ‘ Gazi Sharif wrote, ‘Abahani has not got one LBW out in seven matches. **** Sujan teaches such a good technique that no one is leg before. The national team needs such a coach. Then we will not be leg before in the international match.