July 31, 2021


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Legend with the name of Musharraf Karim, Omar Sunny said cheap

An Indian online streaming platform introduces the country’s talented and talented producer Mosharraf Karim in one of their web movies as ‘Legendary Actor Mosharraf Karim’. A class of spectators in the country are reluctant to accept the title ‘Legendary Actor’ in the case of Mosharraf Karim.

On June 11, the web streaming platform released a teaser of their web movie. Where Musharraf Karim was seen acting as a policeman. 

Ever since the teaser was released, there has been an uproar on social platforms. The audience is divided into two categories about what is the legend of Musharraf Karim, why the legend, why he will be given this title. All these are being discussed and criticized in the drama and cinema neighborhoods.

Many of the stars have also commented on the issue. Actor Omar Sunny has also objected to the use of legendary words with the name of Musharraf Karim. “The title of ‘legend’, like ‘Star, Superstar’ is getting cheaper these days,” he said. I’m not an actor, I’m not a man. ‘

Omar Sunny’s comment that there is an objection not only to the use of ‘legend’ but also to the use of Star Superstar. However, fans use the word superstar with Shakib Khan’s name in the country.

However, in a recent interview, Malek Afsari also said, ‘What is the benefit of being a superstar in a coma industry?’

However, no one is reluctant to admit that Musharraf Karim is a very talented and talented actor of this country. Some netizens say that even though the use of this legendary word is noticeable now, it will not be noticeable for 10 years. Because Musharraf Karim is a ‘living legend’.