July 31, 2021


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England cancels press conference for Eriksen

Denmark’s star player Christian Eriksen has announced the cancellation of a press conference ahead of the first match of Euro 2020 against Croatia following reports of a sudden illness in the match against Finland yesterday. Later, teammates and the referee rushed to the spot, surrounded him and called the team doctors.

Even then, Eriksen did not regain consciousness. UEFA then announced the postponement of the match. Eriksen went to the touchline to receive a throw-in. Before receiving the ball, he lost consciousness without any collision and fell to the ground. Confused by the suddenness of the incident, Danish goalkeeper Caspar Simichel rushed from his goal post. Other teammates also rushed to him. The game was closed since then. The Inter Milan midfielder was thought to have had a heart attack.

He was given immediate treatment in the field. Danish teammates surrounded him and built a human wall so that he could be kept in hiding and given first aid. There was a shadow of anxiety on the faces of Eriksen’s teammates as they turned toward the audience. Some were even crying. At this time the players of the opposing Finland also came running. Shortly afterwards, Eriksen was taken off the field on a stretcher.

Ericsson regained consciousness when he left the field and was taken to a nearby hospital, the UEFA official said in a statement. His current condition is better than before. At Ericsson’s request, the Danish footballers agreed to return to the field. When they took to the field, the Finnish players greeted them with applause. Besides, about 15,000 spectators stood in the stadium and paid their respects to them. Finland won the match 1-0 and left the field.

The whole football world was shocked by the suddenness of the incident. At the moment, English coach Gareth Southgate and Ericsson’s former Tottenham teammate and England captain Harry Kane were present at the press conference. But in the case of Copenhagen, the Football Association immediately canceled the press conference. Apart from Ken, Kyle Walker and Kieran Tripier are in Ericsson’s club mates at Tottenham.