July 31, 2021


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Abu Twa-ha Muhammad Adnan is missing, police are looking for answers to 3 questions

On the way from Rangpur to Dhaka, the police are looking for answers to 3 questions in revealing the missing secret of Abu Twa-ha Muhammad Adnan, an Islamic speaker. What happened after the wife’s phone call with 16 minutes left to reach the destination? His hadith does not match.

Did you cover your body due to any family conflict? Or has he been kidnapped by someone from his rival Islamic group? Or was he picked up by a law enforcement unit? The police investigation team has gone to the field to find the answers to these questions.

Senior officials of the Rangpur Metropolitan Police are reluctant to accept whether any unit of the government’s law enforcement agency has picked him up. Then they had a chance to know the matter.Last Thursday (June 10), two days before his disappearance, Abu Ta-ha Muhammad Adnan had been telling his mother that he had been followed by two men on a motorcycle for some time. He is worried about the matter. He suspects they could do any harm. Followers did not tell any of his family members what would harm him. But she did not tell her mother why she was following him. He did not say anything to the law enforcement agency about this.

But what happened was that someone was following him. No one in the family is saying anything about that either. The first wife is not allowed to speak in the media. Talking to another family member on Wednesday made everything seem mysterious. In this regard, Assistant Commissioner of Police (Kotwali Zone) of Rangpur Metropolitan Police Altab Hossain said that a GD has been lodged with the police station regarding the disappearance of Twa-Ha. His mother did GDT at the police station. GD is under investigation.

Six days have passed since the disappearance, but the religious scholar Abu Twa-ha Muhammad Adnan has not been found yet. His family has complained that he has been missing since midnight on June 10. However, police officials believe that the mystery of Adnan’s disappearance will be solved soon.

Abu Twa-ha Mohammad Adnan has recently become a very popular speaker in the country. His videos on social media were very popular. And Abu Tb-ha was not as conventional as the ten speakers. He spoke in a very smart, clear and standard Bengali with excellent eloquence. Preparation, tidying up, talking to the point from within the topic. Nobility is evident in pronunciation. The posture of the conventional Waz is not his. He also brought Arabic verses of Quran and Hadith in his speech.

Popular speakers from cricketers
Former cricketer Afsanul Adnan Tb-ha. He was a well-known face in the cricket field of Rangpur. He crossed the boundaries of Rangpur Lions School and College and was admitted to Rangpur Carmichael College. From there he graduated and post-graduated in philosophy. His inclination towards religion has been increasing since his graduation. After the death of his father, he grew up in his grandfather’s house on Central Road in Rangpur city. Adnan, 31, read and researched many books on Islam. Adnan, who graduated in philosophy, soon became a good Islamic speaker. His relatives also claimed that he did not support extremism.

Adnan’s mother, Azeda, said Adnan was studying at the Al-Jamia Assalafia Madrasa next door after graduating in philosophy.

In addition to teaching Arabic online, Adnan visited various mosques across the country and delivered Friday sermons, family members said. He is also popular as a religious speaker; The number of followers on his Facebook page is 52 thousand.

Adnan’s wife, Sabikunnahar, said she had disagreements with a group of scholars over religious doctrine. For all these reasons, he did not get any response from the well-known scholars for help. Rather, ordinary people and followers are much more vocal online to get Adnan back.

The way missing
Adnan left his house in Rangpur on the afternoon of June 10 to go to Dhaka. He had his last conversation with his wife on his mobile phone around 2.30 pm. Abdul Muhith, Mohammad Firoz and driver Amir Uddin, who were with Adnan, are also missing. All their mobile phones are also off.

Describing the incident, Sabikunnahar said Adnan was scheduled to attend a religious meeting in Bogra that day from his home in Rangpur. Then he was supposed to come to Dhaka. He left Rangpur for Bogra in a car at around 4 pm. The owner of the car is Amir Uddin of Rangpur, he is the driver. Adnan used to use Amir Uddin’s car to travel from Rangpur to Dhaka. Shortly after leaving, Adnan said on the phone that four people on two motorcycles were following his car. Later, perhaps fearing or worried, he did not attend the meeting in Bogra and headed for Dhaka.

Abdul Muhith and Mohammad Firoz, who were with him, came to take Adnan to the meeting in Bogra. Later, realizing the situation, they decided to take Adnan to Dhaka. Adnan told his wife that his car reached Gabtali around 2.30 pm. There has been no communication since then.