July 29, 2021


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Delhi Metro News: The wait is heavy in the metro journey, morning and evening of Delhiites passing in the line



  • People are waiting outside the metro station in Delhi
  • Metro said – there is no crowd, so entry has to be regulated
  • If someone is late for office, then someone has changed the routine.

New Delhi
There was a long line to enter the metro station. People were stopped at the entry gate and because of this two youths sat on the stairs. In this, a Delhi Police jawan came and asked, why are you both sitting on the stairs? Someone in the line said from behind, ‘Sir, standing in line for one and a half hours. Feet are bound to hurt. The policeman looked at the long line behind and then turned and said to the youth, ‘Hey you guys are hot-blooded. What will happen if you stand a little longer? A young man stood up and said, ‘Sir will stand up, but who will compensate for the time being wasted in this.’

This is the incident of Rajiv Chowk metro station, where long and long lines for entry in the metro are no longer surprising. Comfortably, more than an hour is spent in these lines. Those who travel daily from this station say that from 4 in the evening to 8 in the night, the condition of the metro remains the same. When the reporter also looked at these lines for his report, it was found that a certain number of people are allowed inside and then the line is stopped at the entry. When asked to send more people from inside, 20-40 more people standing outside are allowed inside. Because of this, there is a long line here everyday. By the way, this condition is not only of Rajiv Chowk Metro, but at most metro stations people have to stand in line for 45 minutes to an hour during peak hours.


The same situation prevails in the morning and evening at metro stations. My daily two hours are getting wasted in line. Now the month of closing is underway and the work is having a great impact.

Ravikant Sharma


Delhi Metro: Social distancing inside the metro, crowd of troubles outside
Getting late for office everyday
Saif Ali lives in Shahdara and goes to office everyday by metro. He says, ‘Both while going and coming, one has to line up so that he gets late for office everyday. However, if the office people are understanding this now, then there is no problem. But how long will you be late every day like this? Dinesh Sharma also has a similar problem. He says, ‘I take the metro to my house from Barakhamba and sometimes from Rajiv Chowk too. Every day from 40 minutes to 1 hour goes in these lines. We all know that only one gate has been opened out of 8 at Rajiv Chowk for entry, while there is a lot of crowd here. There are many offices on Barakhamba too, so there is a lot of queue there too, but there too only one out of the four gates has been opened. I have also told the officials present at the metro station about this many times that there is a lot of inconvenience. So now if the infection rate of corona is low, then one or two more gates of the metro should be opened so that people get least inconvenience. Now two hours a day is being wasted because of these lines. Ravikant Sharma, who travels by Metro from Uttam Nagar West, works in a CA firm. He says, ‘The situation is the same at metro stations in the morning and evening. My daily two hours are getting wasted in line. Now the month of closing is going on and work is having a lot of impact.’


Two hours are being wasted in the line every day. I have also complained about this to the Metro station officials. Now the infection rate is low, then one or two more gates should be opened.

Dinesh Sharma


have to change my routine
On the one hand, while many people are getting late for their office every day, there are many who have changed their routine to reach office on time. Dileep, who travels daily from Barakhamba, says, ‘I have to change my morning routine so that I am not late for my office anymore. I used to get up early in the morning to exercise and read newspapers. Earlier used to go to the park and now it is open, it still goes. But the hour and a half which I used to make my body fit, now I use it to leave the house early so that I can waste my time in line. Those who used to study a little after reaching home, used to play with the children, now they go to the line.

Will Delhi Metro’s trips increase to reduce the crowd outside the stations? People’s demand from DMRC
‘They do not reduce the risk of corona’
Social distancing is often not followed in these long lines. In such a situation, passengers say that to avoid corona, even if the government opens fewer gates of the metro station and allows fewer people to enter, the risk of corona is not being reduced by this. Ved Prakash, who travels regularly from Rajiv Chowk Metro, says, ‘No one is following social distancing in these lines and no social distancing is followed inside the metro. But there is no system here. There is so much crowd here that if the line is followed by following social distancing, then the whole circle will roam. Dilip says, ‘I am standing on the road in line, I don’t know where the people behind or ahead have come from. If there is a road, then all the people are leaving from the side. So where is my security in this? Right now the frequency of the metro is less, even there they stand in the crowd to enter the metro, so there is no security there either. Now that the offices have opened, the crowd in the metro will increase. Therefore, Delhi Metro should manage the crowd inside the station by opening more gates and increasing the frequency of the metro so that people avoid the crowd outside and spread the corona to a minimum.