July 30, 2021


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Viral Video: Attention those looting money in the procession, this boy is a legend!

Viral Video: Attention those looting money in the procession, this boy is a legend!

Marriage in our country is no less than a celebration. On the occasion of marriage, people dance and sing happily and even blow money on each other. Most of this money is either spent on dance or it is spent on the groom. At the same time, crowds of people gather to loot this money. A video related to this is going viral on social media. In which a man did such a thing that people left the groom and just kept looking at him.

What did you do?
It is often seen in marriage that when money is robbed, people sometimes fight among themselves to rob it. But this guy resorted to jugaad to raise money. After seeing that people’s parrots flew away. as this viral video It can be seen that the baraati is being wasted money while dancing in his own tune. Meanwhile, many men are also trying to rob money, but the one who surprised everyone on social media was a young man. The one who started robbing money with the help of trap and became rich in no time. Others just stared at it.

User is making funny comment
This video is becoming very viral on social media. This video has been shared on Instagram by a user named Shanu Khan. The video has created a ruckus on social media and people are liking this video very much. Many people are also making different funny comments on this. Commenting on one user wrote, “Ninja Technique.” At the same time, a user commented very funny that, “This art of looting money should not go out of our country.” Another user commented saying, “What a stunning people”.