July 29, 2021


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Music instead of KRK, deleted all videos related to Salman Khan, will review only after getting orders


Salman Khan (Salman Khan) And Kamal R Khan In the legal battle of (Kamal R Khan), the court immediately reprimanded KRK by issuing an interim order. The court has given strict instructions to KRK that he will not make any objectionable tweet or comment against Salman Khan in any form. Till Thursday, while KRK was doing this while giving proof of his honesty, his tone has suddenly changed on Friday. KRK informed by tweeting on Friday that he has deleted all his videos related to Salman Khan (KRK Deletes Videos).

…and ‘Gunda Salman’ became ‘Dear Salman Khan’
While KRK used to call Salman Khan a ‘gunda’ in his earlier tweets, his tone has changed in two tweets on Friday afternoon. He writes, ‘Dear Salman Khan, I have voluntarily deleted all my videos about you, because I do not want to hurt you or anyone else. I will continue to fight the case against you in court. I will also review your future films only if I get permission from the court. Wishing you all the best for the future.

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Said to Salman’s team – If there is anything left, tell me
In his second tweet, KRK has asked Salman Khan’s team that if he sees any such video on his channel, which is against the actor and is objectionable, then he should tell them about it, he will delete it too.

Said on Thursday – I did not say anything derogatory

It is interesting that earlier on Thursday, while tweeting on the interim direction of the court, KRK had a different melody. Then he tweeted and said, ‘As of now, I have not received the copy of the court order, but I have read in the media reports that the court has asked me not to defame Salman Khan in any way! I have never said anything derogatory in the past and will never say anything in future. I only honestly review films and will do.’

Said earlier – I will end the career of ‘Gunday Bhai’
It is interesting that while KRK puts his own tone on Twitter every day, he also referred to Salman Khan as ‘gunda’, ‘Bollywood ka gunda’ and ‘gunda bhai’ on Twitter while the defamation case was going on in the court. was. Not only this, KRK had also said that no one can stop him from reviewing Salman’s films, as he is the number-1 critic. KRK even claimed that he will end Salman Khan’s film career and leave him as a small TV star.

KRK’s bad words again – Salman comes and touches his feet, even then I will review his films
Salman’s lawyer said – allegations of money laundering are baseless
However, on Wednesday, the court clearly said in its interim order that KRK can no longer speak anything against Salman Khan, his family or Salman Khan’s company. Salman’s lawyer Pradeep Gandhi told the court that all the posts of KRK were very derogatory. There is no bar on commenting on the film, but the personal allegations are baseless. KRK has accused Salman’s company ‘Being Human’ of money laundering and has called the actor a robber.

Shock to KRK, court restrains Salman Khan from posting videos, comments
KRK’s lawyer gave this argument in court
On the other hand, Kamal R Khan’s lawyer Manoj Gadkari told the court, ‘Salman Khan is a public figure. Because of this he comes under criticism. KRK has given his reaction about his film ‘Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai’. There is freedom of expression. This step of Salman Khan is going to stop people from working against him.

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The court said – this is a matter directly related to respect
After hearing the arguments of both the lawyers, the court said, ‘Any person is known by his name. His name may not have any value for the society, but for that person it is everything. Having a good name is very important. It is a matter of direct respect.