July 30, 2021


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Crisis on Biplab Deb government in Tripura? BJP National President Nadda will go to remove the growing resentment among the MLAs

 Crisis on Biplab Deb government in Tripura?  BJP National President Nadda will go to remove the growing resentment among the MLAs


  • National President JP Nadda himself will go to remove the threat looming over BJP’s Biplab Deb government in Tripura
  • In Tripura, some MLAs of ruling BJP and alliance partner IPFT are angry with the CM.
  • Some IPFT leaders come to Delhi to meet JP Nadda, explain their concerns
  • After Mukul Roy left the BJP and rejoined the TMC, there is a possibility of crisis on the BJP government in Tripura.

New Delhi
BJP National President JP Nadda will go to Tripura to fix everything between BJP and IPFT alliance in Tripura government. Leaders of BJP’s ally IPFT came to Delhi and met Nadda and told him about their concerns. BJP formed government with IPFT for the first time in Tripura after ending the 25 years old power of Left. While some BJP MLAs are angry with CM Biplav Dev and keep raising their voices intermittently, the same IPFT MLAs are also not happy with the government.

According to sources, IPFT told BJP National President JP Nadda that due to various reasons people are not happy with the government in the state. One of the reasons he cited is that government employees have not been promoted for more than a decade. However, some time ago, the way for adock promotion has been cleared.

According to sources, IPFT first conveyed its concerns to CM Biplab Dev but no solution was found. A few days ago, when BJP’s National Organization Minister BL Santosh had gone to Tripura, the IPFT leaders had also put their point before him. Now after meeting JP Nadda, he hopes that some steps will definitely be taken to please the tribal population of the state.

A delegation of four IPFT leaders led by IPFT General Secretary and State Tribal Welfare Minister Mevar Kumar Jamatia met Nadda in Delhi. Jamatia said that we were called by Nadda for talks, then we came to Delhi. He said that we have also given a detail memorandum to Nadda in which we have many demands. Nadda has assured to come to Tripura and find a solution for all.

However, according to a BJP leader, the IPFT’s concern at this time is to save the alliance with the BJP. The BJP-IPFT alliance fared poorly in the recently held ADC (Autonomous District Council) elections. The BJP leader said that IPFT could not win even a single seat. The new party TIRA, formed a few months before the election, did well.

IPFT’s concern has also increased with the good performance of TIRA in tribal areas. Now to bring the tribal population with them, IPFT wants to run a special drive to fill up the vacant posts in the state. The IPFT leader admitted that people are getting attracted towards the new tribal party but added that we got 12 per cent votes in the ADC elections, which is not less.

There is also a hint of cabinet expansion in Tripura. Four new ministers can be made and IPFT demands that one of these four ministers should be given to them as well. Presently IPFT has 8 MLAs including two ministers.