July 30, 2021


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Record more than 2 lakh vaccinations in a day in Delhi, tokens expiring in 10 to 15 minutes



  • Record more than 2 lakh vaccinations in a day in Delhi
  • Tokens expire in 10 to 15 minutes at most centers
  • Rajdhani has only five days’ vaccine stock

New Delhi
The pace of vaccination is increasing continuously in the capital. For the last four days, the vaccination here is not only above one lakh, but on Saturday it has reached more than two lakh. The situation is that despite applying so many doses, people are not getting slots in government vaccine centers. That’s why people try to take their dose by going to Walkin. However, even in walkin, now people are not getting doses easily.

Tokens are also expiring in just 10 to 15 minutes in most of the centers in the morning. According to officials, if the capital continues at this pace, then the target of vaccination will be completed very soon. According to officials, if even the first doses of Covaccine are opened in limited quantities, then this vaccination can be further accelerated. Breaking all the records in the capital on Saturday, more than two lakh people got their vaccination done.

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In the Vaccination Bulletin of June 21, it was informed that if all people above 18 years of age are to be fully vaccinated in the capital, then the capital needs 20 million doses. At that time there were 83.75 lakh people who did not even get a single dose. The important thing is that after June 21, the speed of vaccination in the capital has more than doubled. However, to maintain this pace, the capital will also need more vaccines. But now Delhi is getting the vaccine almost daily, sometimes in less and sometimes more quantities. On June 25, the capital has received 58090 covaccines and 53630 coveshields. After which the total stock of Covaccine near Delhi has gone up to 1,73,000 and that of Covishield to 666000. Since now vaccines are also being applied in large quantities, according to this, the capital has only five days’ stock.

date total dose first dose to youth
26 June 205170 data awaited
25 June 166209 134505
June 24 156636 126460
23 June 109358 89105
22 June 84539 52842
21 June 76062 44905
June 20 11660 8760
June 19 85907 46320
18 June 77345 51665

Vaccination till June 25

  • Total Vaccinations – 7121527
  • 1st dose – 5456641
  • Second dose – 1664889

people who have taken both doses

  • Healthcare worker – 189052
  • Frontline Worker – 273796
  • Above 45 Years – 10,47,387
  • Youth 18 to 44 – 1,54,651
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