July 30, 2021


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Bihar Politics: Why credit for achievements only to Nitish? Nadda gave booster dose to Bihar BJP

 Bihar Politics: Why credit for achievements only to Nitish?  Nadda gave booster dose to Bihar BJP


  • Bharatiya Janata Party State Working Committee meeting held in Bihar
  • Apart from the district heads, only 100 members attended the meeting.
  • BJP has a huge contribution in the development of Bihar: Nadda
  • We have not entered politics just to spend time: Nadda

With sour-sweet experiences, the BJP has remained with Nitish Kumar in Bihar since 2005. It has more sweet, less sour. In the meantime, Nitish Kumar became ‘Vikas Purush’ for JDU. It also had political benefits. At present, the BJP leadership feels that when the BJP is a partner in power, why should only the JDU chief get the credit for ‘development’? BJP is equally entitled. The same thing happened on Sunday as the National President of BJP. JP Nadda Said to Bihar BJP core team.

Bihar’s politics revolves around ‘development’
In Bihar, politics is happening in the name of ‘development’ for 15 years. In the name of ‘development’ votes are sought and elections are won. Nitish Kumar has been the Chief Minister since 2005. Most of the time BJP has also been with him. JDU leaders present Nitish Kumar in front of the common people as ‘Vikas Purush’. It is believed that over the years, Bihar BJP became a ‘B team’ and not a participant in the Nitish government.

Now BJP feels that it has cadres, organization is strong on the ground, yet Nitish Kumar is taking full credit of ‘development’. This time there is an even better opportunity for BJP, because in terms of numbers, it is in the role of elder brother in the government. In such a situation, National President JP Nadda wants BJP workers to reach door to door that without BJP’s cooperation the ‘development’ of Bihar was not possible and will not be possible in future.

Lagging behind in ‘credit’ for not being a leader with ‘image’?
Deputy CM Tarkishore Prasad has already said that the BJP’s impression is not visible on the decisions of the government. Bihar BJP President Sanjay Jaiswal did not advise the government that JDU leaders break down. Even in bureaucracy, BJP leaders do not have a very good hold. In fact, Giriraj Singh and Ashwini Choubey, who were among the vocal leaders of Bihar BJP, were shifted to Delhi. Nityanand Rai is satisfied to be the Union Minister of State for Home. Giriraj Singh has kept himself busy in his constituency Begusarai, Ashwini Choubey in Buxar and Nityanand Rai in Ujiyar. Sushil Kumar Modi was removed from the state politics and adjusted in the Rajya Sabha.
JP Nadda’s big attack on Lalu Yadav, said- kidnapping industry was going on under his rule, today we are seeing Bihar progressing
Leaders like Nandkishore Yadav and Prem Kumar have gone into retirement mode. More than half a dozen leaders of Bihar BJP, who were sometimes seen in the media and sometimes in small meetings, where are they, there is no one to take care. In fact, in Bihar BJP, no leader with ‘image’ was prepared or was not allowed to be ready. Most of the BJP voters are considered Anti Lalu. Meaning that the one who does not vote for RJD and its allies is a voter of Bharatiya Janata Party. Sushil Modi has been one of the most openers against Lalu Raj. But he was branded as being “too loyal” to Nitish Kumar. Now BJP is trying to create a new leadership by making radical changes. But it’s not that easy. The image is made up.

How effective will the booster dose of Nadda be?
Keeping his base voters in mind, JP Nadda targeted Lalu Raj. He said that under the rule of Lalu Yadav, no one could leave the house after 5 o’clock in the evening. Kidnapping was going on like an industry in the state. We are seeing Bihar growing from that era, blooming today, BJP has a big contribution in this.

In the meeting, Nadda gave tips to the leaders that ‘we have not come in politics just to spend time’. We have come for change, the fire of change should burn in our heart and hence we have to work with full force and move ahead. In fact, after dealing with the elections held in Bihar and other states, the party is once again preparing to go among the workers with a new strategy and a new agenda. On which line to proceed, Nadda has given a booster dose to Bihar BJP on Sunday. Perhaps this has been the reason that a limited number of people were included in this meeting.

Why is the Bihar BJP meeting important?
The Bihar Working Committee meeting was held at the party’s state headquarters. Only 100 state officials were allowed to participate in this. All the MPs, former MPs, MLAs, former MLAs, MLCs, former MLCs, in-charges of districts and district presidents were present in the meeting. The party’s state president Sanjay Jaiswal presided over it. The political proposal was put on behalf of Deputy Chief Minister Tarkishore Prasad. Deputy Chief Minister Renu Devi and Health Minister Mangal Pandey supported. National President JP Nadda, National Organization General Secretary BL Santosh and state in-charge Bhupendra Yadav were also present in the meeting of the Working Committee.
IPS Gupteshwar Pandey: I do not have the ability to become a leader – Gupteshwar Pandey, which IPS was not directly in the hands of the CM, what is the ‘aptitude’ of politics?
Actually this was a meeting of the core team of BJP. In this, it was clearly told to everyone that the party wants expansion. Tips were also given on how to gain power, not share in the power of the state. If votes are being sought in the name of ‘development’ in Bihar for the last 15 years, then this achievement is as much of Nitish Kumar as that of the Bharatiya Janata Party.