July 29, 2021


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Coronavirus Death: After 81 days, the lowest deaths due to corona, 38 percent drop in weekly figures



  • The graph of daily deaths due to corona is continuously falling
  • After about 81 days, 689 people died due to corona in the country.
  • Despite backlog deaths, figure below 1000 for first time since April 12

New Delhi
During the second wave, the graph of deaths in the country due to corona infection is continuously going down. The week ended Sunday saw a 38 percent drop in deaths from Corona. This week, after about 61 days, the 7-day rolling average of daily deaths fell below 1000. On Sunday, 689 people died due to corona infection in the country, which is the lowest in about 81 days. Earlier on April 7, 685 deaths were recorded.

For the first time since April 12, the figure is below 1000
For the first time since April 12, on Sunday, June 27, the daily death toll from corona infection was recorded below 1000, while 262 ‘backlog’ deaths reported in Maharashtra were also added to it. Last week (June 14 to 20) there was a 45 percent drop in corona deaths, which is the highest weekly drop since the start of the pandemic.

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7 day average below 50 thousand after 3 months
Even when the cases of corona were decreasing continuously for 7 weeks, till two weeks ago, the decline in deaths due to corona was very slow. The 7-day average of Corona’s daily cases came down to 50,000 on Sunday. The last time the figure was below 50,000 was on March 25, three months ago.

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46,315 new cases registered on Sunday
This week, 3,45,028 new cases of corona have been registered in India, which is 19 percent less than the last seven days. It was also the lowest number of cases in 14 weeks since March 15 to 21. According to the Times of India’s Kovid database, 46,315 new cases have been registered on Sunday. At present, the number of active cases in the country is around 5.8 lakh. On Saturday itself, it had come down to 6 lakhs.