July 31, 2021


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Tongue cut like a snake, iron teeth installed… Karan of Delhi is the world’s first fully modified bodybuilder

Tongue cut like a snake, iron teeth installed... Karan of Delhi is the world's first fully modified bodybuilder


  • Karan, a resident of Punjabi Bagh, has a different level of passion.
  • The man who got the country’s first eyeballs (inside the eyes) tattooed
  • Have cut the tongue 3 times, now the tongue is divided into two parts like a snake

New Delhi
What some people do not do to fulfill their hobbies. One such passion is that of tattoo artist Karan living in Punjabi Bagh. He claims that he is the world’s first fully modified bodybuilder. He has got tattoos done from head to toe. I have got my ball tattooed and blackened. The ears have been cut and reshaped. The original teeth have been removed and the full iron teeth have been installed. Along with this, the tongue has been cut into two parts thrice.

cast iron teeth
32-year-old tattooographer Karan told about his journey. He told, ‘I became the first person in the country to get the eyeballs (inside the eyes) tattooed. I have tattoos all over my body. Not a single place is left.’ He told that he has endured a lot to do so much. He fainted while getting the tattoo done and had to take bed rest for several days. Took months only drank water and juice. When it was decided to get iron teeth, every tooth had to be removed. When all this was happening, I could not even speak. Today the whole body is standing alive after modifying it.

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tongue bitten three times
Karan said that the parents also supported because they know about my passion. Today when I am ready, Papa (Ashok Sidhu) has done a special photo shoot. These pains are nothing in front of his smile. Karan told that he got his first tattoo done at the age of 13. Got tongue cut 3 times. Now the tongue is divided into two parts like a snake. Karan told that after getting both sides of the head cut by a plastic surgeon, he has got tattoos done inside him so that he looks a little outside. Tattoo artist Karan says that there is a new birth. Now I have to think about my career. To do a world tour on a bike.