July 28, 2021


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These four variants of Corona can be dangerous for India, why are experts warning



  • Apart from Delta Plus, other variants can also be dangerous for India
  • WHO chief said delta variant found in India most infectious ever
  • After the start of international air travel, the risk of corona may increase again

New Delhi
Corona cases have decreased in the country, but in the meantime, the Delta Plus variant of Corona has raised concerns once again. Where health experts new variants of corona At the same time, they believe that apart from Delta Plus (B.1.617.2.1 or AY.1), there are at least four new variants of Kovid-19, which are at high risk of infection. These four variants will have to be closely monitored. The variants being talked about are the B.1.617.3, the Delta variant (B.1.617.2), B.1.1.318 and the Lambda (C.37). The lambda variant of Corona has been found in many countries.

Lambda variant threat in India
The kappa variant of corona (B1.617.1) also needs to be monitored, although it has been less infectious so far than delta or delta plus. Corona’s B.1.617.3 and B. are already present in India, no cases of lambda variants have been detected in India at present. But it is spreading rapidly to other countries of the world and experts fear that the introduction of international air travel could bring a cocktail of new variants, including lambdas, to India. In such a situation, more genomic surveillance is also needed to identify emerging forms of corona and find solutions.

Delta Plus Variant News: Delta Plus is building more strongly in the lungs than other variants of Corona
No case came up in India
According to Dr. Vignesh Naidu Y, Consultant Physician, Yashoda Hospital, Hyderabad, there are some errors in the mutations of the virus and the basic genetic as they multiply. After mutation, the speed of spreading and infecting the virus increases. He said that there is a need to further increase its genome sequencing. England’s health agency Public Health England (PHE) has asked to monitor this variant of the lambda corona virus as cases have been reported from many countries. Currently, no cases of lambda have been detected in India, which may be detected as genome sequencing progresses. Dr. M Khaja warned that the resumption of international air traffic could bring new variants such as lambdas.

‘Delta’ variant giving infection even after vaccine, this form of corona increased the tension of experts
The increasing danger of this variant of Corona
GISAID data shows that many cases of lambda have been reported worldwide. None of them are from India. Public Health England PHE warned in its June 25 report that lambda has the potential to increase infection and neutralize antibodies. Mutations of lambda including G75V, T76I, L452Q, F490S, D614G and T859N. There is also a need to test the efficacy of existing corona vaccines against Lambda. Dr Vignesh told our partner newspaper The Times of India that continuing genome sequencing of emerging variants will help to understand what kind of traits they may present. This will help prevent infection, as well as such a study will help experts understand how mutations are affecting humans.

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