July 30, 2021


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Drone Attack: Three major attacks in three days, is Pakistan furious with the voice of Kashmiri leaders?



  • Pakistan stunned as the exercise of electing a democratic government in Jammu and Kashmir intensified
  • PM Modi held a meeting with Kashmir leaders on June 24 and discussed the assembly elections
  • The attitude of Kashmir leaders in the meeting was also very positive, due to which Pakistan is worried.
  • In three days, three major Pakistan-sponsored attacks have been carried out in Jammu and Kashmir.

New Delhi
Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacts with the leaders of Jammu and Kashmir on June 24. In this meeting, almost the same consensus emerges from among the leaders of Jammu and Kashmir that issues like Article 370 should be put in cold storage and a blueprint for a bright future should be made. Three days later, by June 27, three major incidents happen in Jammu and Kashmir.

Is this all just coincidence?

Terrorists kill Parvez Ahmed Dar, who is on his way to offer prayers, a drone strikes an Air Force airbase and again, Special Police Officer (SPO) Fayaz Ahmed Dar and his wife are killed. Are all these incidents mere coincidence or is the hand of our neighboring country Pakistan behind them?

Experts’ warning

Experts are constantly saying that Pakistan can never tolerate the process of restoration of peace in Jammu and Kashmir, so whatever it can do to obstruct the steps taken in this direction, it will definitely do and is doing it. This claim is not baseless either. Knowing Pakistan’s reaction to the meeting of 14 leaders of Jammu and Kashmir with the PM, one can easily guess how upset it is with the changed stand of Kashmiri leaders.

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His fury is hidden in Pakistan’s reaction.

Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi called the meeting a drama and a PR stunt. Qureshi said a day after the high-level meeting on Jammu and Kashmir in New Delhi, ‘I think it was a drama and why was it a drama? Because it can be called an exercise of maximum public relations, but nothing has been achieved. Pakistan is also agonizing over why the Kashmiri separatist faction Hurriyat Conference was not called in the meeting.

Why is Pakistan upset?

Actually, Pakistan was hoping that in the meeting with PM Modi, firebrand leaders like Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Chief Mehbooba would stick to the withdrawal of Article 370 and she would talk against Indian sentiment. However, this did not happen. Once Mehbooba even wanted to talk about Article 370, not the Prime Minister, Home Minister or any other representative of the Center involved in the meeting, but Mirza Mazuffar Baig, another leader of Jammu and Kashmir, stopped her. People’s Conference (PC) leader Muzaffar Baig said that the matter of abrogation of Article 370 and 35A is under consideration in the Supreme Court.

Farooq’s statement will prick Pakistan

On the other hand, National Conference (NC) patron and Gupkar alliance chairman Farooq Abdullah blew up Pakistan in front of the media while going to the meeting. He said, ‘I don’t talk about Pakistan etc. I have to talk to my country, I have to talk to the Prime Minister of my country.’ It is natural that this message of Abdullah must have stinged Pakistan very much. He must have understood that now the leaders of Jammu and Kashmir do not come under any illusions to raise the tone of separatism, but by forming a democratic government in Jammu and Kashmir, they intend to give full strength to the atmosphere of peace and tranquility there.

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There is no link of Pakistan in the cradle of mulling

Experts on defence, foreign and diplomatic affairs, who are attending various television programs, are clearly saying that Pakistan will be very restless with the attitude towards Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistan’s restlessness is also justified in Jammu and Kashmir gaining momentum of the spirit of Indianness, its dream which has been shattered for years. Pakistan used to think that the people of Kashmiri are Muslims and hence they will continue to support Pakistan and oppose India in the name of Islam. Now that this illusion has started breaking, then his anger is coming to the fore in the killing of policemen and sometimes in the form of drone attack on the security establishment.