July 28, 2021


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Third Corona Wave: Sometimes 6 weeks, sometimes 6 months…now do not know, center in confusion about third wave?



  • Center in confusion about the third wave?
  • Dr. KK Paul said – can not say when the wave will come
  • Dr. Paul is the Chief of Kovid Task Force

New Delhi
When is the third wave of corona Experts are giving different guesses about what will come. Now the chairman of the Kovid Task Force, Dr. VK Paul has said that no clear date can be given about when the third wave will come. Earlier on Sunday, Dr. NK Arora, Chief of the Kovid Working Group, had predicted a second wave of corona in 6-8 months. Confusion about the third wave has started increasing due to the statements of central government officials.

NITI Aayog member Dr. VK Paul said on Monday, ‘It will not be right to give a date for when the third wave will come. The behavior of the virus is uncertain. Only a disciplined and effective response can prevent a possible third wave. Dr. Paul said that the scope of any wave will depend on many factors such as the discipline related to Kovid, testing-containment policy and speed of vaccination. Apart from this, the erratic behavior of the virus can also change the direction of the epidemic.

Dr. Paul says whether there will be any wave or not it depends on us. Giving any date for this would not be right according to them. He further said, ‘From 4 lakh new cases per day in the peak, now the new cases per day have come to 50,000. Restrictions are being removed gradually, if we follow the rules of Corona, then any wave can be stopped.

Earlier, Dr. NK Arora, Chief of the Kovid Working Group had said that the third wave of corona could come in 6-8 months. He had made such a claim quoting an ICMR study. He said that there is at least 6 months in the third wave, so we have a chance to vaccinate a large population. There have been different contradictory statements from the government regarding the third wave. A few days ago, AIIMS Chief Dr. Guleria had predicted the third wave to come in 6-8 weeks.

Third wave of corona after 6-8 months, children will start getting vaccine from July-August: Central Government

Regarding the Delta Plus variant of Corona, Dr. Paul said that there is no evidence that the Delta Plus variant is more infectious and reduces the effect of the vaccine. Dr. Paul said that the delta plus variant is a mutation of delta. There is only preliminary information about this. Is it more contagious? Is there a higher risk of serious cases of corona? Or it reduces the effect of the vaccine, we do not have any such evidence at the moment.

Preparations are underway to get the vaccine from the World Health Organization. In this regard, Dr. VK Paul said, ‘The process of approval for emergency use of Covaccine from the World Health Organization is progressing well. We are expecting it to be completed soon. He says that the government is trying to get the corona vaccine of Pfizer and Moderna approved in India as soon as possible.

The third wave will arrive in the country by October, yet another year Corona is not going to give up

On the other hand, Union Minister Jitendra Singh has requested medical professionals not to panic about the possible third wave of corona virus epidemic. He also said that the main emphasis should be on precaution. Speaking at an event organized by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Singh said that practices that prevent the spread of Kovid can protect against the third wave of the pandemic.


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