July 28, 2021


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Rafale, Apache and brave… this is a lofty picture of a strong India in a single frame

Rafale, Apache and brave... this is a lofty picture of a strong India in a single frame

New Delhi
This is the new India, it will enter the house and it will also kill…At the time when this dialogue resonated on the big screen, remember you too must have stood up. The speed of the blood flowing inside you must have doubled. Your conscience must have said that enough has happened, now put weapons in our hands and send them to the border. Let’s see these cowards… we will kill them one by one. One such picture which is showing the new India in itself. It is challenging the enemies that listen, this is not the India of 1962. Seeing this picture, the heart of the enemy will be destroyed, the chest of every Indian will definitely widen with pride. Yes, this dialogue was from the film Uri. On September 18, 2016, cowardly terrorists attacked the Uri Base Camp in Kashmir and killed 19 of our unarmed soldiers.

this is the picture of new india
At present, the country’s Defense Minister Rajnath Singh is on a three-day visit to Ladakh. His visit is very important because China continues to do various tricks to spread unrest in this region. Take a look at this picture carefully. India’s strength and pride is visible in this. Don’t leave this picture just by looking at the group photo. This picture is a witness of the new India. This picture itself is a strong foundation of a strong India. This picture is an alarm bell for those countries, who look at the pride of our country with nefarious eyes.

The picture is the whole story…
Look at the back of this picture. Where the Rafale and Apache fighter aircraft, which are deployed 24 hours to protect India’s pride, are standing. Behind him are snowy hills. This place is the Air Force Station of Leh. The temperature here goes into minus. Such winds blow that it seems that in the next moment our breath will stop. But like steel, our jawans stay there. The result of this is that even a country with an expansionist mindset like China has succumbed.

China is not digesting infrastructure
Last year, when tensions started between India and China on the Line of Actual Control in Eastern Ladakh, one of the reasons was given that China is not tolerating India’s rapidly improving infrastructure. India has done rapid work to develop infrastructure on the China border. Even amidst tensions with China, India did not allow its work to be hindered and the Border Road Organization continued its work. On Monday, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh dedicated 63 bridges built in the border area to the country. BRO has built these bridges in 6 states and two union territories.

Rajnath Singh China Message: Rajnath’s blunt message to China – India never attacks, but is ready for a befitting reply if threatened
These bridges are very important
Defense Minister Rajnath Singh is on a three-day visit to Ladakh. Inaugurated a bridge 88 km ahead of Leh. This bridge is 50 meters long and is built on the Leh-Loma road. Till now there was a Bailey Bridge, in its place a new modern steel bridge has been built. With this, heavy weapon systems, guns, tanks and other military equipment will be easily transported. This road is very important to reach the forward area in Eastern Ladakh. Its importance increases amid tensions with China. Since last year, 50-60 thousand soldiers from both sides are stationed in Eastern Ladakh and neither India nor China has reduced the deployment of troops.

Amidst the conflict with China, Rajnath Singh dedicated 63 bridges on the border to the country, understand why it is important

If someone teases, we will not leave
Defense Minister Rajnath Singh saluted the courage of his soldiers. He said that India believes in finding solutions to disputes with its neighbors through dialogue but it will not tolerate being provoked or threatened. Singh said that India is a peace loving country, which never attacks, but its armed forces are always ready to give a befitting reply to the “eyes” to the country. Emphasizing that the country’s security is not to be compromised at any cost, Singh said a solution to any dispute can be found if there is a clear intention.

The country will not forget the fierce struggle of Galwan Valley
He paid tribute to 20 Indian soldiers who were martyred in a fierce clash with Chinese soldiers in Galwan Valley on June 15 last year and said the country will never forget their sacrifice. The Defense Minister said, ‘India is a peace loving country, which does not believe in aggression, but if it is provoked, it will give a befitting reply’. The Defense Minister said, ‘We had to face a big challenge on the northern border last year. But our armed forces showed their courage and dedication to deal with it… Our army has the ability to give a befitting reply to every challenge.’