July 29, 2021


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Bihar Politics: Chirag Paswan reaches Ahmedabad amidst political upheaval in LJP, meets leader close to PM Modi


Jumai MP Chirag Paswan, who is seen hurt by the break in Lok Janshakti PartyChirag Paswan) have suddenly reached Gujarat on Monday. According to sources, Chirag Paswan has met a leader close to Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Ahmedabad. What was discussed during the meeting, it was disclosed Chirag Paswan has not done. However, the LJP MP definitely told a private channel that this is a personal trip.

In view of the kind of upheaval that has taken place within the LJP in Bihar, many meanings are being drawn from this meeting. It is believed that by meeting the most trusted leader of PM Modi, Chirag Paswan is trying to strengthen his claim on the party. Chirag did this meeting after not getting any response on the appeal made to PM Modi and BJP. In fact, Chirag had said in an interview, ‘It is not right that Ram should be silent when Hanuman is being killed.’

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RJD trying to bring Chirag to its court
Chirag Paswan is in Gujarat and Lalu’s party RJD in Bihar has intensified efforts to bring him into their fold. RJD has announced to celebrate the birth anniversary of Chirag’s father Ram Vilas Paswan. RJD will celebrate the birth anniversary of Ram Vilas Paswan on this 5th July. In an interview about Chirag, Tejashwi Yadav had said that he can carry forward the legacy of his father Ram Vilas Paswan only by joining the ‘fight for existence’ against the ideas of RSS ideologue MS Golwalkar.

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turmoil in BJP
Seeing the RJD’s interest in the lamp, the Bihar BJP has started seeing panic. Bihar Health Minister Mangal Pandey himself has come down to answer. Mangal Pandey said that people should celebrate the birth anniversary or death anniversary of such senior people. But I do not think it proper to talk of any profit or loss. It is difficult to be a person like Ram Vilas Paswan, he has always been helping people and I have also got his personal association. The benefit of politics should not be seen anywhere in this birth anniversary.


Chirag Paswan (file photo)