July 29, 2021


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‘Enough is enough’, Moniruzzam left umpiring after being upset with Shakib Al Hasan’s behavior

'Enough is enough', Moniruzzam left umpiring after being upset with Shakib Al Hasan's behavior

New Delhi
Bangladesh umpire Moniruzzaman has decided to quit umpiring. He recently played for senior players during the Dhaka Premier League. Shakib Al Hasan And took this decision after the misbehavior of Mahmudullah. Announcing his decision to quit umpiring, Moniruzzaman said he wanted to maintain his self-respect.

Moniruzzaman was not a part of the match in which Shakib Al Hasan was involved. However, in the match in which Mahmudullah lost his cool, he was the TV umpire.

Shakib was fined 5800 US dollars i.e. about five lakh Bangladeshi Taka for his action. Along with this, he was also banned for three matches. Not only this, he also kicked the stumps during Mohammad Supporting’s match against Abahani Limited.

Meanwhile Mahmudullah, the captain of Ghazi Tank Cricketers, lay down on the ground making an appeal during a match against Prime Bank Cricket Club. Mahmudullah was found guilty of a Level-2 offense and fined Taka two lakhs.

In an interview to Cricbuzz, Moniruzzaman said that players cannot behave like this with umpires.

He said, ‘Enough has happened. I don’t want to officiate anymore. Umpires can make mistakes but if you are treated like this then there is no point in doing this work as I am not doing it just for money.

Moniruzzaman has been an umpire on the ICC Elite Panel. He said he was shocked by the behavior of Shakib Al Hasan and Mahmudullah. Sharing his thoughts, he said, ‘I was not involved in Shakib’s match. It was very difficult for me to digest the way he behaved. Talking about Mahmudullah’s match, I was the TV umpire in it and was watching the entire episode very closely. I was completely shocked at that time. I have decided not to continue umpiring.

“I am not an employee of Bangladesh Cricket Board and as far as the money received by the umpires is concerned, I cannot take it. I do it for my love for the game and that’s why I do it. I am lucky that this has never happened to me but I do not know if my number will come in the next match.