July 30, 2021


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The dragon’s horn flared up on the deployment of the Indian Army, said – you will be destroyed if you collide with China



  • China’s official siren has erupted over India’s deployment of 50 thousand additional soldiers.
  • Global Times threatens to be destroyed if India competes unnecessarily
  • He said that China and India should use each other’s strength together

China’s official siren Global Times has erupted over the deployment of 50 thousand additional soldiers of India from Ladakh to Arunachal Pradesh. Global Times threatened in its editorial that if India unnecessarily competes with China at the behest of western countries, then it will be destroyed. The Chinese newspaper also said that China and India should use each other’s strengths together.

Global Times has also got a chill on Defense Minister Rajnath Singh’s visit to Ladakh. He said that this would certainly not help in de-escalating the ongoing tension between India and China. Rajnath Singh’s visit reflects India’s tough stand which it has adopted in recent times. However it will be of no use. The Chinese newspaper claimed that India will not benefit from the military conflict as the Indian Army is weak in front of the PLA.
Vladimir Putin’s taunt on America – ‘Narendra Modi and Xi Jinping are responsible leaders, no one else’s interference is needed’‘Dragon and Elephant Competition’
Global Times said, ‘India will not benefit by showing military power. It is in India’s interest to exercise restraint with China and avoid intensifying the border dispute. He said that during the Corona period, China’s economy is hitting the ground, while India is among the worst performing countries. In the long term, India and China should properly resolve their border dispute and cooperate in each other’s development.

The Chinese newspaper claimed that the US, Japan and Australia are trying their best to make India their ally by including them in the quad. These countries want to create a competition between the ‘Dragon’ and the ‘Elephant’ so that in the long run, both may eat each other. Through this they can harm China in the short term and destroy India in the long term. In this way America, Japan and Australia want to kill two birds with one stone.

India deployed 50 thousand additional soldiers on the border
The Global Times said that if India gets into unnecessary competition under pressure from Western countries, then it will be like a nightmare for India. Earlier, India had deployed 50 thousand additional soldiers on the border to deal with the increasing military deployment of China. Giving this news, news agency Bloomberg has described this move of India as historic to compete with China. The agency quoted four different sources as saying that India has deployed troops and warplanes in three different areas along the Chinese border in the last few months.

In this way, now India has now deployed about two lakh soldiers to keep an eye on China’s border, which is 40% more than last year. A source said that India will no longer hesitate to adopt the strategy of ‘offensive defence’ against China as well. For this, the deployment of helicopters has also been ensured to transport troops and light howitzers from one valley to another.

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Chinese state newspaper threatens India