July 31, 2021


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Learn on Asteroid Day, what are these huge rocks coming from space, how dangerous?


universe I am not alone. We may not have found life outside the earth, but many guests from space pass close to us. Rocks from the belt, usually located between Mars and Jupiter, can answer many questions about the birth and evolution of the Solar System and the Universe, not just Earth. These rocks are asteroids. On Asteroid Day, know some special things related to them-

  1. What are asteroids?
    Asteroids are rocks that revolve around the Sun like a planet, but they are much smaller than planets in size. Most of the asteroids in our solar system are found in the asteroid belt in the orbit of Mars and Jupiter. Apart from this, they keep moving in the orbit of other planets and revolve around the sun along with the planet.
  2. How big are they?
    About 4.5 billion years ago, when our Solar System was formed, such clouds of gas and dust that could not take the shape of a planet and were left behind, were transformed into these rocks i.e. asteroids. This is the reason that their shape is also not round like the planets. There are many such asteroids in the universe whose diameter is hundreds of miles and most are equal to a small stone. Due to being born with planets, by studying them, the answers to the questions related to the universe, the solar system and the origin of the planets can be found.


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  3. How dangerous are asteroids?
    If a high-speed rock is likely to come closer than about 46 million miles from Earth, then space organizations consider it dangerous. NASA’s Sentry system already monitors such threats. According to this system, the asteroid from which there is a real threat to the Earth is now 850 years away.
  4. Worry for the Earth?
    In the year 2880, an asteroid 29075 (1950 DA) as big as the empire state building of New York is expected to come towards the Earth. However, scientists are confident that in the coming time a Planetary Defense System will be developed, on which work has already started.
  5. Are asteroids and meteorites the same thing?
    Meteorites are part of an asteroid. For some reason, when the asteroid breaks down, a small piece of them gets separated from them, which is called a meteoroid. When these meteorites reach close to the Earth, they burn up when they come in contact with the atmosphere and we see a light which looks like a shooting star, but they are not really stars. And these comets are not even comets.
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