July 30, 2021


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NASA’s astonishing ‘magician’ claims, Earth has been in contact with aliens for 50 years, evidence seen with their own eyes



  • Yuri Geller’s claim on UFO-aliens
  • Aliens have been in contact with Earth for 50 years
  • Illusionist surprised NASA
  • Have you seen a piece of UFO
  • made of metal from outside the earth

Illusionist Yuri Geller, who once surprised the American space agency NASA with his mind-control powers, has now made a new claim. They say that the Earth has been in contact with aliens for at least 50 years. Yuri was called to the NASA base in Maryland in 1974. The CIA officers were quite impressed with his powers. Yuri says that only then did he believe in the existence of aliens.

piece of UFO
Yuri says that Engineer Werner von Braun showed him a piece of metal kept in a safe and told that it is not from our planet. He said that it is of a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) that hit the Earth. Yuri says that what he saw there shocked him but he can’t give more details because he has agreed to a document for it.


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US task force report
Not long ago, the US Defense Ministry, the Pentagon, placed the report of its task force on UFOs in front of the country’s Congress. In this, 144 UFOs or flying saucers have been seen on Earth since 2004. Although this report has not clearly claimed that these flying saucers are related to aliens from other planets, but such possibility has not been completely ruled out.

US intelligence unit
The Pentagon’s UFO unit was previously claimed to have been disbanded, but was operating under intelligence with the support of the Navy. This program, released under Navy Intelligence, was named Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force. At the same time, talking about Yuri Geller, Geller, famous for his mind-control power, is called even a spoon-bender. He is also an illusionist, magician and a TV personality.


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Yuri Geller's claim on UFO

Yuri Geller’s claim on UFO