July 29, 2021


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Doctors Day: PM Modi saluted the role of doctors in saving lives, said – will definitely win from Corona



  • PM Modi appreciates the contribution of doctors in saving lives
  • Millions of lives saved, most credit goes to doctors: PM
  • Government’s emphasis on increasing healthcare infrastructure to fight the pandemic- PM
  • Till 2014, only 6 AIIMS in the country, work on 15 new AIIMS started: PM

New Delhi
Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Thursday that the number of challenges faced in the war against Kovid-19, the doctors and scientists of the country found as many solutions and made effective medicines. doctors day Addressing the people associated with the medical world of the country at a function organized by the Indian Medical Association (IMA) on the occasion, the Prime Minister expressed confidence that India will win the corona virus and will also achieve new dimensions of development.

Appreciating the contributions of the doctors who have been fighting the war against the corona virus epidemic for the last one and a half years, the Prime Minister said, ‘Our doctors and scientists found as many solutions and made effective medicines as many challenges were faced in the fight against corona.’ He said that this virus is new and it is also taking new forms, but the knowledge and experience of doctors is coping with the dangers and challenges of the virus.

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‘The country will win from Corona, will also achieve new dimensions of development’
Expressing confidence, the Prime Minister said, ‘Our country will win from Corona and will also achieve new dimensions of development.’ He appealed to the medical community to follow the guidelines related to corona and play a more active role in the vaccination campaign. He said, ‘You play this role more actively and expand your scope even more.’

‘India’s position has improved compared to big developed countries’
Accusing the previous governments of neglecting basic health infrastructure, the Prime Minister said the kind of population pressure the country is facing makes the latest challenge of COVID-19 more difficult. He said, ‘During Corona, if we look at the infection per lakh population or if we look at the death rate, then India’s position has been better than the big developed and prosperous countries.’

‘Big credit to doctors, healthcare workers for saving millions of lives’
The Prime Minister said that the untimely end of one life is also sad, but India has saved millions of lives from Corona and a huge credit for this goes to the doctors, health workers and frontline personnel of the country.

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‘Government’s emphasis on health infra for last many years’
He claimed, ‘It is our government which has given maximum emphasis on health infrastructure in the last years. This year, the budget allocation for the health sector has been more than doubled i.e. more than two lakh crore rupees. Now we have come up with a credit guarantee scheme of Rs 50,000 crore to strengthen the health infrastructure in areas where health facilities are lacking.

‘Till 2014 only 6 AIIMS, now 15 new AIIMS’ work started
PM Modi said that till the year 2014, where there were only 6 All India Institutes of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in the country, in the last seven years the work of 15 new AIIMS has started and the number of medical colleges has increased by one and a half times.

The Prime Minister said that the present doctors had to reach today’s position after a lot of struggle, but the future generation would not have to face those difficulties now. He said, ‘Now more and more of our youth will get the opportunity to become doctors even in remote areas. Their talents… their dreams will get new flight.’

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‘Government committed to the safety of doctors’
Referring to the government’s commitment to the safety of doctors, the Prime Minister said that the government has made several stringent provisions in the law last year to prevent violence against doctors.

The Prime Minister appealed to the doctors to promote and disseminate yoga more and said that the doctors should prepare documents about their experiences of the Corona period so that the coming generation can benefit from it and the world can get rid of many complex problems related to medicine. Found solutions. He said that if this is done then it will prove helpful for the entire humanity in future.

‘Doctors Day is celebrated in the memory of Bidhan Chandra Roy’
National Doctor’s Day (National Doctor’s Day) across the country on July 1 every yearNational Doctors Day) is celebrated. This day is the birthday and death anniversary of the great doctor of the country and the second Chief Minister of West Bengal, Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy. This day is celebrated in his memory.