July 31, 2021


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Bihar News: Lalu-Nitish had a dispute over transfer-posting, now his own ministers are raising questions

Bihar News: Lalu-Nitish had a dispute over transfer-posting, now his own ministers are raising questions


  • Bihar’s social welfare minister announces resignation
  • Social Welfare Minister Madan Sahni is angry with the bureaucracy
  • Nitish broke ties with Lalu due to transfer in 2017

The transfer-posting case is being told behind the announcement of the resignation of the Social Welfare Minister of Bihar. It is being said that the minister wanted to transfer the officers in the districts according to him. But the officers of his department are the biggest obstacle in his way.

No one was transferred in Social Welfare Department
In fact, in the month of June, the departments transfer from officer to clerk according to their mind. There is said to be a big game in this transfer-posting. The departmental ministers want to make the officers dance according to their own accord. But all are not the same. Hundreds of employees were transferred in different departments in Bihar for the last one week. This includes from clerk to engineer. But in the Social Welfare Department, the minister and the officer were so determined that no one could be transferred.
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Controversy started over Lalu-Nitish transfer
How big a reason transfer-posting is for any government, you can guess from the fact that in 2017 Nitish Kumar had severed ties with Lalu Yadav. It is said that the biggest reason for the rift in the then Grand Alliance government was the transfer-posting of officers. Lalu wanted to deploy his favorite officers but Nitish Kumar was not ready for it. Gradually the controversy increased so much that Nitish Kumar decided to separate from RJD. The political friendship of Lalu Prasad Yadav and Nitish Kumar shattered in 20 months.

Minister madan sahni Want custom transfer-posting?
The transfer-posting reason is also being told behind the resignation of Social Welfare Minister Madan Sahni. He said that there is no use in being in such a post, when he cannot get any work done for the common man. Madan Sahni has said that the rule of officers is going on in his department. Now they have no other way. Madan Sahni has made serious allegations against the Principal Secretary of his department, Atul Prasad. He said that there is no need for such big bungalows and convoys of vehicles. According to media reports, Social Welfare Department Minister Madan Sahni had started the exercise of transfer keeping the rules in mind, but the Principal Secretary refused to transfer against the rules.