July 31, 2021


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Delhi Hot Wave: The heat broke the record even in July, the hottest day of July in Delhi after 90 years



  • The process of making summer records continues in July
  • On the very first day of July, the heat broke the record of 90 years
  • The temperature reached 45.2 degrees in Mangeshpur, Delhi on Thursday.

New Delhi
The heat has continued the process of making records in July as well. On the very first day of July, the heat broke the 90-year record. Delhi has been facing a severe heat wave for three days during the monsoon season. The temperature is increasing continuously. However, some relief is expected today. It will be partly cloudy, with a chance of rain. Although the temperature will decrease slightly, but the humidity will increase.

This happened 90 years ago in Delhi in July.
The temperature reached 43.6 degrees on the first day of July. It was 6 degrees above normal. According to the Meteorological Department, earlier on July 1, 1931, the temperature had reached 45 degrees. Twice in July, on 5 July 1987 and 2 July 2012, the temperature has been recorded at 43.5 degrees Celsius. The temperature in Mangeshpur reached 45.2 degrees on Thursday. It was 44 degrees in Najafgarh, 44.3 degrees in Pitampura. The minimum temperature also rose to 31.7 degrees Celsius. This is four degrees above normal. It was the hottest morning of this season. The minimum temperature was 35.2 degrees in Pitampura and 35 degrees in Pusa.

Delhi Weather News: Capital in the grip of severe heat wave, Delhiites scorching in 43 degrees… till when will the monsoon come
Hope to get some relief from heat today
The head of the local meteorological department, Dr. Kuldeep Srivastava said that there will be some relief from the heat on Friday. It will be partly cloudy. Dusty hot winds will blow at a speed of 40 to 50 km. It may rain at some places. The maximum temperature will be 41 degrees. However, there is a possibility of heat wave at some places. The drizzle will last for two days, but it is meaningless to expect too much. From July 4, the weather will once again become dry. The maximum temperature will remain above 40 degrees till July 7.

Monsoon away from Delhi, but India receives 10% more rain than normal in 30 days
‘Rain will make up its shortfall in July’

Skymet meteorologist Mahesh Palawat said that after July 7, the monsoon will move forward. There has been less rain in the capital in June, but this lack of rain is likely to be met in July. July remains the second most rainy month for the capital. Normally, the capital receives 210.6 mm of rain this month. Whereas the highest rainfall is 247.7 mm in August.