July 29, 2021


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The story of the stars’ birth to the end seen in the video of the giant galaxy, NASA created from Hubble Telescope pictures


America’s space agency NASA has shared a reel of pictures taken from the Hubble Space Telescope on Instagram. This clip is so beautiful that anyone watching it can keep watching. In this clip, a spiral galaxy is seen emerging in space and then billions of twinkling stars are seen.

The Galaxy seen in the video is a Spiral Galaxy named M83. It is also called Southern Pinwheel. It is in the Hydra Constellation, 15 million light-years away from us. This galaxy is spread over 50 thousand light years. In the video, billions of its stars are seen in different stages of their lives.

The sequence of stars from being born to their death is captured in it. In this beautiful picture taken of Hubble, the colors have made it even more amazing. The dark magenta and blue colors show recently born stars. These stars are a few million years old. At the same time, stars 100 million or more old can be seen in yellow and orange colors.

Hubble’s fault
At the same time, some time ago the Hubble Space Telescope, which is called ‘Earth’s Eye’ in space, has stopped working. It is being told that a computer of the 1980s of the Hubble Telescope, which has made countless discoveries in space for the last 30 years, has malfunctioned. The US space agency NASA said that with the help of this Hubble computer, science-related instruments were controlled.

The Hubble Telescope was launched into low Earth orbit in the year 1990. Due to computer failure, now this telescope has stopped taking astronomical pictures. The Hubble Telescope was built as a joint project between NASA and the European Space Agency. NASA said that Hubble has stopped working since 4 o’clock on Sunday evening. NASA said that the problem with Hubble was caused by a bad memory board.


NASA released the video of the explosion in the star, 5 billion times brighter than the sun



The story of the stars' birth to the end seen in the video of the giant galaxy, NASA created from Hubble Telescope pictures